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Sprečavanje zagađenja mora zajedničkim djelovanjem/JASPPER
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The objectives of the project „JASPPER“ were: to contribute towards reducing the cross-border pollution and preserving the marine ecosystem in the sea areas of Dubrovnik and Montenegro coast, with strengthen long-term cooperation of relevant stakeholders in the region in the field of joint sustainable wastewater management and sea pollution prevention, gathering of cross border resources and joint concerted action that connect stakeholders and policies both horizontally and across the border. The area of interest was: Municipalities of Herceg Novi, Tivat and Kotor, and Municipality of Dubrovnik-Konavle. The subjects of investigation were area around outfalls Trašte and Cavtat. Activities of the Project: 1. Establishment of cooperation and increase the capacity for joint control and waste water management between relevant institutions and establishment of a model for the purpose of the monitoring and detection of cross-border pollution parameters; 2. Increase of the level of knowledge and the capacity of regional experts in the field of monitoring of sea and cross border effects of waste water management and raise public awareness of the importance and benefits of joint cross-border approach to the prevention of marine pollution. Several field research have been conducted: A research of the submarine infrastructure of the outfalls Trašte and Cavtat (hidrography researches) including the data of direction and speed of sea currents (acoustic Doppler electric meter); Standard physical - chemical and biological parameters for the evaluation of the trophic status of the sea through the whole water column; Analyzes of TOC and heavy metals in the sea-sediment. The samping campaigns have been done during and outside of the tourist season. The results on the quality of sea around the outfalls was presented at 2 regional conferences, by paperes: “Project “Jaspper” Croatian and Montenegrin Cooperation for the Protection of Marine Environment” and “The impact of the sewage outfalls Cavtat and Trašte on the crossborder transfer of pollutants during tourist season“. Within the Project, have been made and published: - "The Study of impact of waste water discharges in Cavtat and Trašte in regard to the quality of the marine ecosystem"; - “The Final Study - Impact of the sewage outfalls Cavtat and Trašte on the coastal sea eutrophication and cross-border (Croatia-Montenegro) the transfer of pollutants"; - The Brochure “The Program on cooperation in prevention o marine pollution in the border area between Croatia and Montenegro ”. Memorandum of understanding in the prevention of marine pollution in the border area was signed between municipalities Kotor, Tivat, Herceg Novi and Konavle. Websites have been made for project stakeholders to ensure the visibility of the project and .
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