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Efikasna procjena parametara nestacionarnih signala sa primjenom u energetici i komunikacionim sistemima/EfProNestSig
The main objective of the project is to improve the estimation of parameters of analyzed non-stationary signals in terms of improving the accuracy and efficiency. In this regard, the estimation accuracy improvement without the use of ML (Maximum Likelihood) method is addressed, especially in the case of multi-component signals, where the ML methods are practically unfeasible in real time on today's commercial computers. Our research has shown that, in a relatively simple manner, one can improve the estimation accuracy by using binary search (bisection) and other interpolation techniques. In accordance with the accuracy improvement, a special attention has been devoted to reducing the error propagation in the estimation of signal parameters, where phase-unwrapping methods have been considered, whose significant advantage is a very simple implementation. By combining the phase-unwrapping with the existing methods, the execution time can be significantly reduced, while maintaining accuracy, often very close to the CR (Cramer-Rao) border, the theoretical limit of accuracy. From the point of implementation, the proposed estimation algorithms can are applied in the energy sector i.e. a) sensorless assessment of rotor speed in wind turbines and b) assessment harmonic power grid and network quality assessment. Within the project, the developed algorithms for signal estimation found their use in the interference estimation and suppression in telecommunications, especially in wide-band communications (direct sequence spread spectrum and noise radars). One of the primary successfully implemented goals of the project is connecting the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Montenegro with the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Manchester through joint work on this project. The main results of the project were published through scientific papers in leading international journals, and presented at relevant international conferences.
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