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Joining to EUREF permanent network with Multi GNSS CORS stations in Montenegro - MontePN (National)/MontePN
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The process of Montenegro's accession to the European Union entails harmonization and implementation of positive European practice in a number of fields. Global and European professional organizations promote a consolidation of science and profession in order to facilitate implementation of multinational projects. The main goal of the MontePN innovation project is the establishment of permanent GNSS station in the territory of Montenegro with capability to receive GPS signals, GLONASS, Galileo, EGNOS and Beidou system signals and to join the European Permanent Network (EPN). This station will enable definition of a national reference system in the ETRS89 system and ETRF2000 framework which is what most European countries have. Determining the time series of positioning over a period of several years, will provide important data on the velocity, course and direction of movement of the Euro-Asian tectonic plate in the territory of Montenegro. The secondary objectives of MontePN project are producing a study "An analysis of high-precision positioning additionally involving Galileo system, and possible applications in different industry sectors", as well as reinforcing spin-off company with the idea of eventual commercialization. Expected results refer to the Technology Readiness Level 8, that is, services tested in real environment and ready for commercial use. Densification of EPN network in the territory of Montenegro and fulfilling prerequisites for defining geodetic datum within the ETRS system represent important result for the scientific community and the state of Montenegro. Producing the said study will provide answers to important questions and will explore the areas of applications of GALILEO system.