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Real-Time Environmental Parameters Monitoring System - RTEPMS (National)/RTEPMS
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The Project goal is design and implementation of general purpose real-time environmental parameter monitoring system. The system is based on current cheap Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology solutions widely available on the market. Our idea is to achieve high measurement accuracy by utilizing several sensor nodes with lover accuracy. This will significantly reduce the system price and maintenance. System consists of adapter modules making them compatible with the most commercial systems on the market. The RTEPMS will represent sensor platform which is able to collect, send and process sensor data to an efficient way. By developing expert modules for various applications, we will be able to provide complete service from designing and installing sensor units to transforming row data to useful information and decision making. The initial plan is to take advantage of experts from the RWMC company and to develop several expert system modules for drinking water monitoring, swimming water quality and fish farming.
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