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Naziv publikacije: Architecting an IoT-enabled platform for precision agriculture and ecological monitoring: A case study
Naziv časopisa / zbornika / monografije: Elsevier Computers and Electronics in Agriculture
URL do publikacije: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.compag.2017.06.008
Kategorija publikacije: Naučni rad u periodičnoj publikaciji u inostranstvu
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Stranica: 255-265
Koeficijent publikacije - K : 5.00
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Klasifikacija FRASCATI:
Godina: 2017
Izdavač: Elsevier
Apstrakt: This paper discusses a case study of designing a private Internet of Things (IoT) enabled platform for the research in precision agriculture and ecological monitoring domains. The system architecture is gradually derived using an approach of multiple, concurrent views. Each view represents an architectural perspective describing the solution from the viewpoint of different stakeholders, such as end-users, researchers, developers, and project managers. The end-user requirements have been identified using a set of high-level scenarios, which capture the context and illustrate the motivation for building the platform. The requirements and architecture of the proposed platform have been derived so that the users of the platform, researchers, and developers on the project, can utilize it for prototyping solutions for these high level use cases. The paper further describes the implementation of the platform and its evaluation using various sensor nodes deployed at the research and end-user facilities. The solution is open to further development with respect to supporting additional IoT protocols, data types, and interfacing to various analytics tools. The proposed architecture can also be implemented using different server platforms and cloud technologies.
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