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Centar izvrsnosti za biomedicinska istraživanja/CEBIMER
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3 Medicinske nauke, 302 Klinička medicina
The Centre of Excellence for Biomedical Research in Montenegro (CEBIMER) is a research and innovation programme which started in January 2020, based on a competitive call of the Ministry of Science of Montenegro. It gathers several institutions of the health, biology and chemistry field, coordinated by the Institute “Dr Simo Milosevic” Igalo, the largest health tourism and rehabilitation state owned company in the country, with its own research centre and educational base of the University of Montenegro connected to it. The programme has several components: 1. development and application of apheresis therapy as a preventive medicine offer at the Institute Igalo to users with some form of metabolic syndrome; further research of this therapy at the Medical Faculty and Clinical Centre of Montenegro, specifically to the diabetes patients, with the use of standard and newly identified biomarkers, while integrating the personalised medicine approach; creation of new curricula and therapeutic protocols for extracorporeal treatment; establishment of the external quality control system for the medical laboratories in Montenegro; 2. full characterisation of the healing sea peloid from the Igalo basin, standardization for the need of its branding, preparation of protocols for its identification and analysis of its further commercialisation potential will be led by the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Montenegro;; 3. full characterisation of selected Montenegrin indigenous plant species with potentially high nutritional and healing value will provide enough information on quality diet as a function of nutritional therapy. The results will enable a new offer of traditional dishes from Montenegro and will be offered to the hospitality sector, in the function of promotion of health tourism. Apart from this, characterisation of aromatic herbs will be done for the use in cosmetics chemical industry, including the herbs with application in the production of tinctures and traditional alcoholic beverages, with related positive health impact proofs. This component will be led by the Centre for Eco-Toxicological Research Podgorica. 4. chemical research of the Schiff bases will be a continuation of the research carried out at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, with focus on their antioxidant and antimicrobial activity and preservation potential. The research programme will be carried out in partnership with a number of high profile international institutions (Slovenia, Serbia and Germany), it will employ several young researchers and associates and have a high outreach towards education, clinical, health tourism and other related business sectors. CEBIMER supports the S3 strategic priorities: health tourism; sustainable environment
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