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Inzenjering metabolizma gram pozitivnih bakterija za proizvodnju biljnih alkaloida/ME
In the current project, we aim to achieve L-DOPA biosynthesis using a metabolic engineering approach by expressing the srs tyrosinase gene in C. glutamicum. Currently, there is only a limited number of fungal or microbial systems that use tyrosinase path for L-DOPA synthesis. The potential improvements in ease of handling, growth rate and environmental impact for higher L-DOPA yields, increases the interest in exploiting alternative systems. To this end, we plan to express the srs tyrosinase gene, which unlike other tyrosinases requires no unique cofactors or adaptor proteins, for L-tyrosine conversion. C. glutamicum was specifically selected as the host microorganism since it has a high potential for increased amino acid synthesis and L-tyrosine is the substrate for L-DOPA synthesis with tyrosinase as the enzyme.
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