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HERIC – Svjetska banka
Naziv projekta: / Akronim:
Izgradnja mjerne stanice za mjerenje atmosferskih pražnjenja na planini Lovćen/LAMS
Oblast (Frascati):
2 Tehničko-tehnološke nauke, 202 Elektrotehnika, Elektronika, Informatičko inženjerstvo
Scientific and research project LAMS (Construction of monitoring station for lightning research on the mountain Lovćen), whose leader is the Faculty of Information Technology, University Mediterranean, has been developed as an idea of several researchers who have been engaged for years in research from the field of lightning current protection. It is known that atmospheric discharges (lightning strokes) cause significant damage to many technical systems, and they are also life threatening to people and animals. One of the goals of the project LAMS is to create a proper system of measuring sensors, which will register a large number of dynamic values of lightning, which occur before the lightning current stroke and follow its development during the lightning current stroke, as well as in the period after the lightning. These parameters will be the basis for scientific analysis and definition of a new model of lightning current, which can be used to define the more precise system of lightning protection. Scientific and research monitoring station on the mountain Lovćen will consist of a large number of measuring sensors that are connected into a single integrated information system. For the functioning of the monitoring station, the project researchers will develop original software solutions that will provide data collection, their transportation to LAMS system server, as well as graphical presentation of characteristic parameters. This monitoring station is intended to become competitive on an international level as well. Project LAMS is implemented with the grant funds obtained through the HERIC Project of the Ministry of Science of Montenegro, which is funded by the World Bank. The duration of the project is two years (April 2015 - March 2017).