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Naziv projekta: Nadzor nad invazivnim i domaćim vrstama komaraca i patogenima koje mogu prenijeti u Crnoj Gori
Akronim: LOVCEN
Institucija nosilac projekta: Univerzitet Crne Gore, Biotehnički fakultet, Podgorica
Trajanje projekta: od 02/06/2014 do 31/05/2017
Veb sajt projekta:
Oblast istraživanja i razvoja – Frascati: 1 Prirodne nauke, 106 Biološke nauke
Oblast strategije: Medicina i zdravlje ljudi
Oblast istraživanja relevantna za održivi razvoj CG: 4. Nauka
Regionalna fokusiranst: Nije regionalno fokusiran
Apstrakt(na engleskom):
Mosquito vectors and mosquito-borne diseases are raising threat to Europe, which impact strength is difficult to predict. The main infection sources are dependent on vector and environmental factors, hance the best choice for prevention and control of diseases is surveillance and control of mosquito vectors. For this reason, their surveillance and control require efficient and appropriately standardised methods, integrated knowledge and awareness among researchers, academic educators and policy-makers as well as well-trained young scientists. The HERIC-CRDS LOVCEN aims to promote all of these values and apply them in the field of vector mosquitoes and mosquito-borne pathogens. The main idea that led us to propose this HERIC-CRDS project is to endorse all objectives addressed by the call: exchange of knowledge and methodologies, improve higher education, facilitate training of next generation experts, improve the national policies, produce innovation and disseminate the related scientific information, under the umbrella of surveillance of mosquito vectors and diseases they transmit. Since in Montenegro cooperation between different research entities in research project and resource management is negligible to now, further development and strengthening of internal links between groups within the MCM to build on this interaction are still needed to generate the new ideas for solving the pressing problems. The LOVCEN project is combining diverse set of activities grouped in four work packages: (WP1) Collaborative research on native/invasive mosquitoes and pathogens they transmit in Montenegro and development of non-pesticide control measures; (WP2) Twinning through exchange of know-how and experience and dissemination activities; (WP3) Acquisition of research equipment and innovation capacity building and (WP4) Management. We propose top quality innovative research that represent both cutting edge of RTD for Europe: (a) application of SIT in invasive mosquito control –Montenegro will be the second country in Europe to adopt this technology (b) implementation of the newly released (September 2012) “European Centre for Diseases Prevention and Control Guidelines for the surveillance of invasive mosquitoes in Europe” that are until now (2013) implemented only in Belgium; (c) mobile phone application for surveillance of invasive and indigenous mosquito species –innovative approach, the Europe first similar application was presented this year (2013); (d) evaluation of novel non-pesticide, biodegradable materials for control of mosquito larvae; and at least novelties for Montenegro: (a) identification of mosquito species present in Montenegro and their distribution - last study on indigenous mosquito species in Montenegro was confined to Durmitor mountain 30 years ago; (b) identification of mosquito vector species – never conducted in Montenegro; (c) detection of pathogens carried by mosquito vector species – new for Montenegro; (d) modelling of climate changes influence on MV and MBD - new for Montenegro; (e) survey, dissemination and feedback on stakeholder’s opinions about direction of the research in vector borne disease prevention – never accomplished in Montenegro. Ministry of Health and Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro already expressed their interest in the thematic area proposed by LOVCEN project.

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