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FAO - Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN
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Naučna pomoć razvoju odgovornog ribarstva na Jadranskom moru/FAO ADRIAMED
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4 Poljoprivredne nauke, 401 Poljoprivreda, šumarstvo i ribarstvo
The Project aims to promote scientific cooperation among the Adriatic nations. Its goal is to improve the management of fishing activities in conformity with the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries (FAO 1995). AdriaMed aims to contribute decisively to enlarging the scope of information on the Adriatic Sea, related to shared fishery resources, knowledge that is often fragmented and localised to different territories. As biological resources are not limited to geopolitical boundaries, scientific knowledge of resources within a single nation is not adequate for the responsible management of those resources. Some of the main objectives of the Project are: - to develop a common cognitive basis to support international processes aimed at fishery management; - to reinforce the scientific coordination among the different institutions interested in fishing activity; - to establish a permanent network among the main institutions present in the Adriatic that are involved in fishery management activities.