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HERIC – Svjetska banka
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Novi ICT trendovi zasnovani na značajno manjem broju podataka/mjerenja i njihova primjena u multimedijama, biomedicini i komunikacijama/CS-ICT
CS-ICT project aims at developing of advanced signal processing algorithms and methods, which will be used in practical signal processing application. Furthermore, within the partnership the idea is to design interesting applications in order to become the most attractive and competitive laboratory for considered research field. The project is focused to the development of new algorithms and techniques for compressive sampling/sensing and spectral analysis of signals. In the era of digitalization, when practically in all segments of ICT applications we are dealing with discrete digital signals, the amount of information that we need to collect, sense, process and transmit, is of a great importance. This amount of information i.e., the number of measurement per time or space unit is defined by the fundamental theorem in the communications which has been known as the Sampling Theorem. Very often in real situations we are faced with the great amount of data which requires the complex and demanding algorithms for data compression (in order to use, store or transmit the data). Compressive sensing is a new theory and concept that opens the possibility to acquire a significantly smaller amount of data, but to be able to achieve the same quality of the final information as it is the case when the entire physical phenomenon is sensed. Therefore, the research efforts are made to simplify the very expensive devices and apparatus for data recording, imaging, sensing (for instance MRI scanners, PET scanners for Computed tomography, high resolution cameras, etc.). It is also important to reduce drastically the data acquisition time, even up to almost 20% of the currently required time.