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Understanding amino acid cross play within beta lactamase for novel antibiotics design. /Bla
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Molecular dynamicsimulations have shown that Trp229 modulates the hinge type H10 motion and its mutation to alanine allows higher H10 flexibility resulting in enhanced communication between the allosteric site and the active site. This suggests that the H10 helix and specifically W229 are important modulators of the allosteric communication between the active site and the allosteric site. Furthermore, if the tryptophan residue in the H10 helix is replaced by an alanine residue, the stacking interaction between Pro226–Trp229–Pro252 will be lost. In the light of this hypothesis, the aim of this project is to investigate the communication between the allosteric site and active site of TEM-1 β-lactamase with the W229A, P226A and P252A mutations.
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