Even though training is king for muscle growth, diet is certainly queen, and without it you wouldn’t reap the benefits that training sows. When I first tried to go from skinny to muscular I only cared to put on weight. Sign Up The same tested and recession proof tips I used to have $40,889 months. 3 years ago. 1.5 Year Transformation. In the post I explain how to track fat loss progress, but don’t get confused by that, it’s the exact same process to track weight gain as well. If you truly want to start building muscle and strength you must find a way to ensure that you are in a calorie surplus. Now I am looking at my old photos and wonder: What the fuck was I thinking? If you decide to go for it, you will see huge changes within a few months. Get a whopping boost to the 6 and 7 figures - with or without a college degree. If you want to add weight you have to eat more calories than maintenance. Training within the 4-10 repetition range on your compound exercises is perfect when it comes to maximizing strength and muscle growth. Let me know in the comments and then SHARE this post with your friends on social media to help them build muscle and become beastly! So why don’t you eat 4000 calories? I will have to answer this question with another question. I gained 38 lbs in one year of training and you can do it too! 4. If that’s eating 7 small meals per day – which is about one meal per 2-3 hours, then fine. Research has shown that the optimal protein intake when bulking lies between 1.6-1.8 grams per kg (0.6-0.8 grams per lb) of body weight per day. Some of these can help. I don’t have photos to share from when I was at 20-22% body fat. If your goal is to look and feel great, then that’s not the best way to go…. Blaming your genetics and believing you are a hardgainer. This allowed him to add about 500-700 calories extra per day from only 100 grams of easily digestable and tasty sauce. Your side delts makes up a huge part of a strong looking physique. When your body grows by working out; then your mind, character and confidence grow as well. The fact that I did it means that you can do it as well. What I have not told you yet is how to calculate your maintenance level calories. A lot of beginners believe that to build big arms, or a big back, or a big chest, they just have to focus on those muscle groups with isolation exercises. In the first weeks of lifting you set a PR each time you hit the gym. Ironbuiltfitness.com is a participant in various affiliate advertising program such as Kinobody, Think Eat Lift and Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. My body needs a lot of development. Is there something worth of achieving that it’s easy? You will always get some fat. These programs are designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to them. I … Let’s go: Using large compound exercises has been shown repeatedly to be the best way to quickly and effectively build whole body strength. Think about the tortoise and the hare story. When you enjoy your diet, that’s when you are going to stick with it easier! And it’s not as hard as you might think. This is the MOST important part to focus on in the training. For some reason, losers believe that obsession is something bad. But it also feels amazing to see the progress you’ve made! In fact, according to Lyle McDonald, during the first few weeks of eating at a moderate calorie surplus while training intelligently, naturally skinny guys can store as much as 60-70% of those surplus calories as lean mass even without training! I said that I will never have to worry about becoming a fat slob. Of course not. Most guys in the gym hate cardio and only lift weights. Follow the tips I outlined above and you can achieve it too. It’s dead simple, but so many people underestimate its importance: You have to keep going even when things don’t go well. But eating only 200-500 calories over maintenance will minimize the fat gain. Whether you broke up with your girlfriend or not. Lately, he has also been featured on The Huffington Post. Start your routine with compound lifts and bodyweight exercises like pull-ups and dips. I’m sure you haven’t, right? But I will make it easy for you. The way I helped him gain weight was to add sauces to his meals (something he actually wanted to have, but thought was unhealthy). If you don’t keep volume low, you won’t be able to recover as well. If we assume that you have 24 pounds to lose, and you lose 6 pounds per month, you will be doing fat loss for the first 4 months of you training. I have told you my story and now you can hear what will really benefit you. That’s what it looks like when you enjoy your diet and get results as well! Incorporating a comprehensive and thorough warmup routine into your workout is vital for any athlete, whether you're an amateur gym goer or a professional competitor. The 7 Compound Lifts For Building a Strong, Symmetrical & Proportional Physique, Standing Overhead Press – 3 sets of 6-8 reps, Incline Dumbbell Bench Press – 3 sets of 6-8 reps, Seated Calf Raises – 3 sets of 12-15 reps. What’s important here is that you eat enough protein but not too much. Right now I guess I am about 17-18% plus so I have way to go. Your muscles are built of proteins, so you must eat protein to develop your muscle. Your metabolism & genetics have little to do with gaining weight, whether this weight is counted in pounds of muscle or pounds of fat. My go to exerices for this is Hanging leg and knee raises: 3. By training with 4-10 reps you’ll achieve the greatest balance between effectively getting in enough training volume, while also working with heavy enough weights to maximize mechanical tension on the muscles. The reason training with isolation exercises, especially in the beginning, won’t work very well can be explained with this image: Have you ever seen someone with huge 18-inch arms that has a small upper body? If you want to learn more about measuring and tracking your progress check out this post. My name is Niklas Lampi and I work as a fitness writer, nutritional consultant and personal trainer. Once the training is set up, only then will the diet become important. The fact is that if you enjoy the process, you won’t find it difficult at all. My total lean muscle gain was around 8-10 lbs over these 9 months. Ok, maybe you have heard that story a hundred times. Beingnatty Report. Train 3 times per week on non-consecutive days. Look, gaining muscle is actually a pretty simple task. But you will be constantly becoming a little better. With that said though, if you find that you can easier eat all the calories you need with 6 meals per day then that’s a good choice for you. Generally, it’s more enjoyable to adopt a flexible diet and eat foods that fill you up. For this reason you don’t need much recovery after training. I still have some excess fat, but I am gradually reducing it. Standing or seated calf raises for your calves. It’s easier and faster to prepare a shake with 2 scoops of protein than cook a chicken thigh. I didn’t know that going from skinny to muscular would be such an amazing change! What’s the right amount of protein? Also, a protein intake that exceeds 1.8 grams per kg (0.8 grams per lb) of body weight per day is unnecessary during a calorie surplus. But for most people, that’s not an easy thing to do. So, for that reason I like to do some standing or seated calf raises in every leg workout. Required fields are marked *. 1 year transformation. I took a look at his diet and realized that he was mainly eating lean protein sources like chicken breast and lean meats, potatoes, pasta and a lot of veggies. But you will figure that out in the process. You should only drink water, tea and plain black coffee. I'm now on a mission to help people make the same transformation that I've been fortunate to undergo! I have sacrificed parties, clubbing and fun to accomplish my goals. If you stick to the guidelines outlined in this post you will start to see great results! This site is owned and operated by Niklas Lampi. If you don’t enjoy running on the treadmill, then find something that makes cardio enjoyable. My goal was to build an attractive & strong body. Yes, you would. Then I changed my approach and tried to make what is known as “lean gains”. After your calories is checked the second thing you must do is ensure optimal protein intake. Training with weights that are medium to heavy will stimulates more mechanical tension (stretching and contracting under load) than metabolic fatigue (the pump) and this is highly beneficial when it comes to increasing strength. When I started, I did basic bodyweight exercises, I started reading books on bodybuilding and other stuff. You could achieve that too, if you are skinny and follow the simple plan I outlined above. Community Member • Follow Unfollow. In this transformation-how-to article you’re going to learn step by step how to go from skinny to muscular without giving up on living an enjoyable life in the process. But I had a Justin Bieber like body. tucci420 Report. This is because you will bulk up first (gain weight) and then you will need to cut (lose weight).