This 9-Minute Kettlebell CrossFit Workout Will Burn Huge Calories and Battle Stubborn Body Fat . If you are really interested in using kettlebells for CrossFit, kettlebell training or kettlebell competition, … Continue reading → ← New Inov8’s. Jan 15, 2015 #4 For most people, 10 reps @ 24 kg will translate into being able to press a 32 kg at least once - just pointing out that those two standards aren't all that different.-S- The Scientist Level 3 Valued Member. Now that you're fully aware of just how awesome kettlebells are, let's check out five workouts you can do while traveling with just one kettlebell. Believe it or not, there’s still a whole new world of exercises, deeply tucked away in the dark dungeons of the kettlebell world. First Published in CrossFit Journal Issue 25 - September 2004 The Kettlebell Swing Greg Glassman “CrossFit is a great system, but they don’t utilize kettlebells well because of a lack of qualified kettlebell instruction.” - T.C., RKC At CrossFit we swing the kettlebell overhead while the kettlebell community swings to eye or shoulder height. Fix Your Hands! 5 Kettlebell CrossFit Workouts. If you have the money for 2, a 1 Pood and 1/2 Pood would be the best combination. Use an appropriate weight and scale the workouts to your ability. Elite Certified Instructor. The origins of color coding are in competitive kettlebell lifting in which there are international standards for specific weights. However, many of the products are just a handle welded onto a ball. A 1/2 Pood Kettlebell (35Lb) will be best if you are not quite able to Rx Workouts. If the swings at that weight are too easy, go faster. If you run a gym, color coding your kettlebells is a great way to tell clients which kettlebells they need to grab instead of having them sift through all the bells. Steve Freides Staff. Senior Certified Instructor. Punishing Kettlebell Workout for CrossFit Athletes (with Gorilla Cleans) The kettlebell is just an exercise tool like the dumbbell, barbell, medball and so on, in the end, if you know how to work with it, program it, then it's the perfect tool. Two are beginner workouts, two are intermediate, and one is advanced. 20 reps with a snatch weight kettlebell sounds like a good standard to have. → Kettlebells, Which Ones? It seems that everywhere you look these days, people are selling kettlebells. Personally I love competition kettlebells even as a non kettlebell sport athlete because of the comfort. The larger diameter of the bell allows for a more comfortable rack position and the handle is much wider allowing for two hands with even lighter weights. Posted on March 6, 2012 by Rogue. Color coding kettlebells is also an easy way to designate particular weights in your gym. Because they are all the same size whether I’m practicing with a 16kg or 48kg they’re always going to sit at the same place on my arm. With a 35Lb Kettlebell you can also work your technique really well for snatches and cleans. “The kettlebell can essentially be utilized as additional load to any unloaded movement to add an extra challenge.”With that in mind, we present five kettlebell-centric workouts from the top brains in CrossFit.Note: The weights presented here are “Rx,” or the recommended weight for an experienced, advanced-level athlete.