So why do whiskey makers use Oak barrels? Distilled in 2011 and aged for 3 year. When it is felled, a white oak tree contains around 60% water, so when the quarter-sawn … Convert your favorite spirit in to a richer, smoother drink, by aging it in a handcrafted, sturdy yet aesthetically built American White Oak Barrel – MyWhsikyBarrel. Phytosanitary cleared – No more worries about shipment getting sent back due to lack of paperwork to clear the phytosanitary inspection. Cask size. Customs duty paid – No more hassles with clearing the shipment or worrying about evading the duty and losing the shipment. Toasted or charred new American white oak provides an opportunity to introduce lifted aromatics and increased levels of soft round texture in the front to mid pallet. The barrel or cask in which the alcohol is matured or aged plays the most important role in making the alcohol smooth and flavorful.The taste is enhanced, and the harshness is mellowed. American oak gives a softer, sweeter taste with notes of vanilla and caramel, while European oak is spicier and has a stronger wood input. Longer periods of Natural Airdrying reduce the impact of obvious oak tannins to provide a more subtle and integrated textural influences. You control the aging as the barrel infuses the spirit with the oak flavor that is unique to your taste and unlike anything that can be bought. Secondary flavours include tropical fruit, spices (mostly ginger), caramel, fudge, honey, almonds, hazelnuts, butterscotch. Ltd. Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device, by converting any average whisky in to a richer, smoother, more flavorful high-end whisky in just a few weeks, with a laser engraved message/logo/picture of your choice, With a Personalized Gift And Make Them Feel Special, American White Oak Wood For The Connoisseur, choosing a selection results in a full page refresh, press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. Oak Barrels naturally have a tight grain that prevents leaking, is porous and allows oxygen in and out of the cask. For more than 40 years, we have produced American white oak wine barrels. French oak is used to age wine and cognac. (Shipping available for India only). It's what sets it apart from the 12 yr, and 18 yr. Powered by Shopify. Small oak barrel for sale in 1-20 liter sizes, made from american white oak. Actually Highland Park uses American White Oak barrels that previously aged sherry for their 15 yr expression. It was aged in Sherry and American Oak Casks. The Mars Whisky Komagatake 2011 is a new version of their famous single malt. American Oak Barrels "Tall Ship Barrels" premium handcrafted American White Oak barrels are the perfect cask to age your preferred spirit or wine. Scotch whisky distillers say bourbon seasoned casks also help remove soapy green flavours from the spirit. Free Stand – For displaying your barrel with pride. "Tall Ship Barrels" premium handcrafted American White Oak barrels are the perfect cask to age your preferred spirit or wine. American white oak has high levels of vanillins and when used for the maturation of spirits imparts distinctive vanilla and coconut flavours. Also included is your handy guide to maintaining your barrel as well as how to age your favourite alcohols to perfection. The oak staves (strips) are cut and assembled without the use of any glue. European oak grows in northern Spain and Portugal. Oak Maturing Barrels (Charred) sizes 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L and 20L . Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more…, © 2020 Tall Ship Barrels. Therefore, major brands like Laphroaig®, Glenlivet®, Glenmorangie®, Ardbeg® use American Oak Barrels to age and mature their whiskies.Following the same tradition, employing the same science and engaging the same art we have made a smaller version of the commercially available 200 L (53 Gallon) White Oak Barrel.Introducing for the first time in India AMERICAN WHITE OAK BARRELS for personal use in a 2 Litre size. American White Oak Barrel If you’ve ever fancied maturing your own drinks, whether it be spirits, cocktails or other treats, but don’t have a clue when it comes to the art of coopering, these mini Kentucky White Oak Barrels are perfect for all your thing-maturing-needs. This makes them perfect for aging your favorite spirit. "Tall Ship Barrels" premium handcrafted American White Oak barrels are the perfect cask to age your preferred spirit or wine. Today, we’ll talk some science about the American White Oak wood used and charred in all Bourbon barrels.