Many of the 7- and 10-pin Connectors also come in a miniature versions that is 50% smaller than the standard connector. M12 A-Coded 4-Pole SFC-Interface and CC-Link Connector Wire Color Code. We have been doing this for companies since 1947. endstream endobj startxref 18. We offer a wide range of contacts … BIN stands for Basic Identification Number which can be identified by the colored bands on the ends of the connectors. ;oJ��O�A�U����$,�a�� �G�՛AVF�m�O�v�^m�o �y�I�⓭���f���b�@?��5�ݸbJ��b`����Ї�p����;x��������p � Ai lights are built with the male connector standard. PIN COLOR DESC. ; For this tutorial, we'll create a new rule to change the font style and color of messages from one specific sender, your boss. To our valued customers: Our offices will be closed November 26th and 27th in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. Phoenix Contact offers a wide a range to choose from. M12 T-coded 4-Pin Power Connector Wire Color Code. The 7-Pin and 10-Pin connectors are designed for multiple cable diameters, are available in shielded versions, and can include either solder-type contacts of insulation-piercing contacts, which are field replaceable. To create a new Outlook mail rule, click the Add button. endstream endobj 8 0 obj <> endobj 9 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 612.0 792.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 10 0 obj <>stream Signal Contacts signal contacts SIGNAL CONTACTS CRIMP CONTACTS MIL-DTL-38999 SERIES I, II,III / EN3645 / EN4165 SAE 39029 CRIMPING TOOLS Signal Contacts Signal Contacts PIN or SOCKET MILITARY Nb CONTACT Amphenol P/N Crimping Tool Mating end size Wire barrel size Crimping Tool Positionner P M39029/18-177 23 22 900045 M22520/2-01 M22520/2-13 Bin-code can also be stamped on the contact. M12 X-Coded 8-Pole Cat6E Ethernet and Varan Connector Wire Color Code. 25-pair telco cable pinout. 4 Pin 5 Pin 14.5 (.57) M12x1 39.3 (1.55) Ø a d v a n c e d i l l u m i n a t i o n . Ai lights are built with the male connector standard. be_ixf; dotnet_sdk; dotnet_sdk_1.4.9 System cables connect automation devices quickly and safely. b```�����YL���r�d��4�i 13. 14. 4 Pin 5 Pin 14.5 (.57) M12x1 39.3 (1.55) Ø a d v a n c e d i l l u m i n a t i o n . In no event shall DMC be liable for consequential, incidental, special or other types of damages, loss of anticipated profits or for any other damages resulting from the use of the information presented herein. Referring to the diagram, the order starts from the very end of the wire barrel end and continues towards the mating end. Contact Color Bin Black [0] Brown [1] Red [2] Orange [3] Yellow [4] Green [5] Blue [6] Violet [7] Gray [8] White [9] Black [0] Brown [1] Red [2] Orange [3] Yellow [4] Green [5] Blue [6] Violet [7] Gray [8] White [9] h޼��r۶�� ��N'^�ą��dFV�\_��8i�Z�-6�($��}��Rʢ$���$�� �oA�9Lp�}&\ƵDŽ�\0!���N��)�]kjƕ�L���8��ծǤ��]�$g^ %�. 7 0 obj <> endobj If you need a non-stock item, don't worry. 15. The information contained in the M39029 Connector and Contact Search has been compiled by DMC from various sources, including its own documentation. Standard Wire & Cable Company can supply you with the right sizes, types, and quantities of product you need to keep you on schedule and your management happy. .g�g�͠,w��N��a��?CJ�5P�!�6�/�l[$�4�4vwncf�y����v�0 �I� We will make it for you. It's very hard to spot the personalized location, especially when the locations are in the mountainous area or in the middle of a city with lots of stations. h�bbd```b``:"m��uɱDr��,���e0yD2�I��`�� �M�7D*0���"�|��g R��f �ḓ��d!���=����ٱ �c&� v�2��"y����{L@_L� Uѕ����� � �� 17. MIL-STD-681 NUMBER Base Color First Stripe Second Stripe Third Stripe 1 0 BLK 51 957 WHT GRN VIO 2 1 BRN 52 958 WHT GRN GRY 3 2 RED 53 967 WHT BLU VIO 4 3 ORN 54 968 WHT BLU GRY 5 4 YEL 55 978 WHT VIO GRY