There are many varieties of holly that provide excellent privacy in the yard. We’re going to take a look at 5 of the best, fastest growing trees you can plant around your backyard to ensure you have as much privacy as possible. These trees are dense and impossible to see through when planted in mass. Many variations are evergreen trees, so their color and leaves will outlast the bleak winter months and cold weather providing your yard … Arborvitae has been a long-time favorite for yard privacy. American Boxwood Hedge For a traditional garden look, one of the best privacy trees … Fast growing privacy trees can create a beautiful and natural screen full of blooms and foliage that are eye-catching instead of being an eyesore. There are many reasons why people like using trees and shrubs in their backyards, and one of the main reasons is privacy … These evergreen, … Be cautious if you plant them where heavy snowfalls … Fences make good neighbors, but so do trees and shrubs — at least trees and shrubs acting as fences! Dragon Lady Holly trees are excellent trees for privacy and also as border trees Grow dragon lady holly trees along borders, fences, or to shield parts of your backyard. Enhance the beauty in your yard.