The following is a story from Rudolph Herzog's collection Ghosts of Berlin translated by Emma Rault.Rudolph Herzog, son of Werner Herzog, is an award-winning writer and director. When we reached the neighborhood where the lightning was occurring, it was a madhouse. The ball (only 3 or 4 inches wide) came out of one of the electric outlets and shot into another outlet on the other side of the trailer. The second time I was 15, living on the Gulf Coast and hurricane Elaina was approaching. ***** [1] C. Bouquegneau and V. Rakov, “How Dangerous Is Lightning?” (Dover, NY, 2010). He excitedly ushered us all into the car? with stories of ?ball lightning? A “ball of sparks” about the size of a basketball entered a commercial aircraft, apparently through an engine airtake, moved into the fuselage, and proceeded to chase a flight attendant up and down the aisle. Ball lightning is one of the best-known natural phenomena that few have seen. But what is it exactly? Great balls of lightning! There is a Japanese legend that calls it hiro dama or just odama which refers to the soul of a great samurai who took the form of a ball of fire. His BBC/ARD documentary on humor in Hitler’s Third Reich became the basis of Dead Funny, named a book of the year by The Atlantic.His critically acclaimed Short History of Nuclear Folly, was made into a … The ball lightning left two holes in the plane. Lightning Stories While some skeptics remain, there is significant observational evidence for ball lightning's existence. Most people haven't. There was a lot of thunder and lightning going on outside. and what a great opportunity it was to see something like this close up. The balls of lightning seemed to be bouncing from one location to another, lighting fires with every strike. Matter of fact, the first time I heard about ball lightning was on a National Geographic special about Spontaneous Human Combustion. Bizarre glow that has eluded scientists for centuries is captured on video for the first time. In 2015, Liu Cixin became a worldwide sensation with the publication of The Three-Body Problem and its sequels, The Dark Forest and Death’s End. Nevertheless, I suspect it will take much more work, and time, to conclusively understand ball lightning. Until that time, stories and descriptions, even tragic ones like the storm of Widecombe, provide precious clues to the mystery. Ball lightning is a sphere of electrical light that can appear during a storm Ever heard of the phenomena called Ball lightning? She was screaming as she tried to outrun the ball lightning.