Nest boxes can be erected at any time of year, as long as there is no risk of disturbance to barn owls, however we recommend it is done during the winter months - please follow the guidance from the Barn Owl Trust provided in the links above. 0000047726 00000 n Barn owls droppings are mainly white and they dry to leave a white chalky substance very similar to white-wash. Pellets between beginning-October and January. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. 529 likes. Find out how you can help nature thrive where you live. x�b```a``wa`g`89�A�؀�,m Find out about the different ways that you can get involved and make a difference below. 0000012978 00000 n 0000049304 00000 n During winter, barn owls can forage up to 5 km from their roost site. Barn owls need places to roost and nest and a well designed and properly sited nest box is a perfect option only if you have suitable barn owl habitat  - see above. The Barn Owl is found on farmland and in low-lying areas. Z4e�c�� ��2)��-� ׁH�o!B� Y�7�:�k۬{�� &��-���$n#���3XU�;�X��'����]l�leD��Q�.�p���8ଃ��TA��s��&Ϊ�"r ���:Xo�=��P逞$Kx�@��v �"�} We will revisit any inquiries closer to the time, so please register your interest and we will be in touch. With its heart-shaped face and ghostly-white appearance, the barn owl is one of our most distinctive and well-loved countryside birds. Listen out for this in the summer months during June/ July – it's as they as they get older that the sound really begins to travel. 0000050209 00000 n This data, in combination with sightings received from members of the public, is used to track changes in the distribution of barn owls and to help target our conservation efforts. Although our 'Be There for Barn Owls' project ended in 2016, we still receive funding from Northern Ireland Environment Agency to continue this vital work. H��TkPW��9�4Md�L��0��5�H�D|��"Q��Q2�,�n"V�M�5fň��W�&Nb�"���Q��FL��3��[{M����U��9�}��}�ҔBF�4=`J��)��l*,�Zb4 ��Z�Y��Yd��v?�}��߇����(��Zo��sb��U5%���D����(��EAzCx�A���n��*6s���e��L�y��c��>*'G?��o��4���"�����,�>M_`J�0榙��y��qY�� The check should take place after any chicks have dispersed and before a barn owl pair begins their courtship for the next breeding season, i.e. Established in 1968, we currently have over 15,000 members and supporters and a local network of over 30 branches nationwide. You can build and put up a nest box either indoors in an open shed or outbuilding, or outdoors on a tree. Katy Bell, Senior Conservation Officer at Ulster Wildlife �t.chpt�A_�B�d���[�cĹ5��O�����k�z0mIY���J1ƀ�]������ј�T{E �D&0["V������YJ8�A��ȢF�k�Xo�Z1��B�8��z����E�1K΢E;7��P�w�Es�x��曫�4�0��w�xg��*����'� (� If you're fortunate to have a barn owl nesting on your property or know of a nest site in your area, we would really welcome some more information about it, to help us help these endangered birds. Barn owls are associated with open countryside where they hunt, so a small suburban garden backing onto farmland might actually be a suitable location but generally, a small urban garden will not be appropriate. 0000063656 00000 n Barn Owl Players, Kilkenny, Ireland. 0000032052 00000 n Adult barn owls are 33 – 39 cm (13 – 15½ inches) long with a wingspan of 80 – 95 cm (31½ – 37 ½ inches). 0000008020 00000 n 0000013073 00000 n Barn owls, on the other hand, are most often associated with derelict or quiet agricultural buildings and significantly more mature deciduous trees than long-eared owls. 0000031995 00000 n Ulster Wildlife is a recognised charity NIC101848 & company limited by guarantee NI 12711, Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs. It is a good idea to check the inside and general condition of a nest box every year. trailer H�TRMo�0��+|��CBJ(���jR����N��F�=���NX�!��������@���p�����q�z�p�Kg!U�tf�Oa5}�@P��6N��m;@Y&❌��o�x��)]���A��,��lj��չ/��N ����6��ڽ�=���k:�� 0000008572 00000 n ����1:UUU�å�jQ�w�����#!^������" �$�U?�Y��!ș��C`��{�S�g���6Ofj6W�Ѷ�=��8r�Br,���YT�})A�4T�+w*���������fmʕܯ�v64��\[ ]:���Sݗ�̡s�+j������(+ E%����4R��>�?m���s��!6�� �6y-�����a�������p��x��/��,B��"�/K������?۴���N}��y9ee���*�����˵�'++.jA~":�l�܍R��&:�D���. It's great that you want to help barn owls. An often overlooked step, particularly in a busy, productive farmyard, is to stop using or minimise the use of rodenticide. We are committed to helping barn owls thrive and this is only made possible with funding and support from our members and donors; and of course our passionate volunteers who at the forefront of efforts to save this species. Help Ulster Wildlife’s barn owl project, Be There for Barn Owls. Even under licence, great care must be taken as barn owls are extremely susceptible to disturbance at particular stages of breeding. 0000051165 00000 n Adult females make similar calls earlier in the year, around January/February as she waits in the nest for the male to feed her prior to egg laying. <<5f1a69d0a1959e48b8cdc829baf49d7c>]>> Status in Northern Ireland: Small breeding population; Year-round resident. 0000008484 00000 n