It teaches the basic principles of sound waves and lets kids explore the many ways that instruments create and manipulate sounds. I needed 10 Ukulele "String Swings" for cheap, so I made these for the cost of a $1 tool hanger from Home Depot, and some scrap wood. Rock Ukulele: I decided to make a cool looking ukulele for my school trips. It's a tenor type and I built it at home with the tools that I had. I do not have copyright for the music used in this PowerPoint. Emphasis in lesson is on correct playing techniques, smooth transitions of chords and singing ability. That will glow in the dark and be great looking in the daylight.I took great inspiration from the second picture above. Making a Tahitian Ukulele: Hello, and welcome!First of all, Thanks to Ken Russell for an awesome and inspiring project: How to build a tahitian ukuleleIn this tutorial I will show you how to make a Tahitian type ukulele. In this Instructable I want to sh… Instead of having to share one ukulele between two students, with the success of this new project, students will be able to focus on developing their own skills with their own instrument. SO whats a crazy… Tenor Ukelele: Hello everyone, I am very happy to share my last project, recently I considered building my first instrument, a ukulele, and finally I finished it. See more ideas about ukulele, uke, ukelele. This project was such a success last year, we have decided to expand on our ukulele unit! Homemade Banjo Ukulele Project: Hi Everyone! As a wild and crazy ukulele player I love everything uke! The advantage, is that you can use any block of … Jul 2, 2013 - Building and maintenance tutorials, crafts, and more!. This is a Year 7 Ukulele Project designed for absolute beginners onwards. I have long wanted a banjo ukulele to round out my collection, but there are none available in my area of the world and even ordering one is terribly expensive! But unfortunately I can't find who posted it or where, If someone k… This type is a little bit special since the sound hole … A school project that requires your child to make an instrument from scratch can be lots of fun and educational on different levels. Objectives and keywords are on every suitable slide as required by my school. The SOW concentrates on singing and playing ukulele.