Add to cart. It is worth it. "If you buy a tube of this in France, you'll have to tell the pharmacist you're using it for hemorrhoids. 1. Nuxe … Pharma Developpement. BuzzFeed Staff 1. Our list of the must-haves you still can't get your hands on in the UK. Most skincare and beauty lovers will tell you that French pharmacies are magical wonderlands. $22.99 $30. SANOFLORE. You can find a wide variety of skincare products and they are perfect even if you’re on a budget! A313 Vitamin A Pommade 200.000 UI. 17 French Drugstore Beauty Products That Actually Work. Caudalie specialises in grape-oriented anti-aging and skincare products. Sanoflore Aqua Magnifica Skin Perfecting Botanical Essence. Bet you can't get through this post without running to your local pharmacie. From $44.50. Hand & Nail cream from Caudalie. 11 beauty products you need to buy if you are visiting France. Most of the cosmetic companies involved are SMEs and have large distribution markets all over the world. Over the centuries, France became the hub of beauty products and also became one of the French economy’s revenue generator. by Peggy Wang. The 9 best beauty products to buy now, as chosen by The Telegraph's experts 20 Nov 2020 , 7:00am 'I feel like I'm in my 20's' - Lauren Hutton, 77, on the products that keep her young Thus, we bring you the ultimate guide to everything French makeup. Add to cart. FRENCH PHARMACY NEW ARRIVALS. Business intelligence firm L2 recently revealed a list of the top 10 beauty brands in France, ranking them in order of digital competence (think engaged online audience, high web and social-media visibility) and thus creating a useful tool for us Francophiles that lends insight into which brands these women use and love. But something was missing. After scanning our makeup collections and pricking up our ears whenever our French friends and fellow beauty experts talked top brands and products, we realized we haven't published a list (served straight-up) featuring the best French makeup brands—both iconic and lesser-known. By Ashleigh Kybert. Under-the-radar French Pharmacy beauty . Best beauty products to buy in Paris pharmacies. France is the world’s largest exporter of cosmetic products; the country accounts for almost half of the European exports in this industry. NUXE. Tap into the French pharmacy culture for transformational beauty products that help and emphasize the skin to do its job! Meet the French beauty products that Vogue staffers make room for in their suitcases, from classic pharmacy staples to height-of-chic soaps.