Add it into your melted oils/butters/beeswax mixture after it has cooled a bit and mix until you achieve a homogeneous mixture. Apply this powerful natural lip balm as often as possible and you can have softer, pinker lips in a week. The container … Add equal parts fine beet root powder and vegetable glycerin (I use 1 tsp) to dissolve the beet root powder. This beet root lip and cheek stain recipe can be created right on your stove top, similar to an herbal salve. Some formed petit clumps. DIY: Lip Balm with Beetroot, Our Vegan Recipe. However, most just swirled around in the oil as individual particles refusing to dissolve. Here, I have used an old lip balm case to store the tint. Rich in iron, this wonder veggie can help you fight anemia, boost your immunity, enhance your stamina, prevent cancer and promote detoxification. Regular use of this beetroot lip balm makes your lips soft and reddish-pink colour. The only difference is that we’ve added in a bit of color. The star ingredient of this lip balm is BEETROOT. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help lighten the dark pigmentation, mark or black spots in your lips and protect the lips from sun damage. Transfer it immediately into a clean container to store it for future use. I made lip balm and added beet root powder and cocoa powder for a bit of color once all the wax and oils melted together, but the powder would not dissolve. We Indians have grown up eating beetroot. Beetroot carries a lot of vitamin C, it's anti-aging, skin brightening, antioxidant, and gets rid of flaky lips. Make sure to mix it until it has a glass-like or super smooth consistency. In this recipe, we use alkanet root and beet root powder to give the stain that sheer ruby red hue. Carefully strain the juice of the grated beetroot, and make sure that no bits and pieces make their way into it. No single Indian woman is unaware of the potential that beetroot carries.