The company that oringinally made them has been bought and sold a few times. There are many great ways to use a bowie knife, but we most recommend taking it as a versatile knife. The Best Way to Use a Bowie Knife. Whether you're looking for a rugged combat version or a highly functional hunting or survival knife, you'll find the best quality at the most reasonable prices in our review selections. Bowie knives are popular for use in outdoor activities that call for the use of a thicker and durable blade with a sharp pointy tip. For instance, if you're looking to harvest your own birds while in the wild, you can do many things. If you are able to buy one of these you should. As far as I can tell they aren't making new ones anymore. The best Bowie knife, in my opinion, is the Western W49 Bowie Knife. Best Bowie Knife in 2019. One of the best high-quality knife models is, of course, the Gerber Winchester which is a large and sturdy knife has a rugged design. You can still find them on ebay for around $150 though. This is because you can use it effectively in many different situations. Gerber is a well-known knife brand popular for their very high-quality knives. I am biased but here goes. These aren't as easy to find anymore. Best Bowie Knife. We have listed a few of the top knife on the market today; Winchester 22-41206 Big Bowie Knife 8.57 Inch .