Best Non-Lethal Weapons and Ammo To Use Instead of a Gun. You don’t want to leave the television on all night. If you can recall on one hand how many people knew you were leaving your home, it’s a much more narrow circle for you to identify a possible thief. Watch the included video for extra information on independent laboratory testing to verify maximum pain output, and understand the true power you’re wielding. Air pistols are no joke; ever been shot with one? This pepper spray is great for four years on the shelf before it’s contents expire, meaning you’re going to be primed for some time to come. The LED flashlight is an 80-lumen model, so you get ample light and can carve your path to safety, leaving your attacker in a heap of pain. Be sure to also check out our list of the best bear sprays for more great items like this. Eliminate their element of surprise by keeping your earbuds in your pocket, and remain vigilant of your surroundings. Atomic Bear brings you the SWAT Tactical Pen, takes with it, rips away all the stigma previously shrouding tactical pens. While we’re focusing on the tactical part, it’s got a great clip, and is one of the best ballpoint pens out there. Share Tweet Pin Email [Updated] Best Black Friday Gun Deals: Hand-picked from 60+ retailers . This makes a blunt and painful weapon to defend yourself with. I would consider a knife to be essential for EDC whether you’re concerned with self defense or not. All in all, 19 shots are more than plenty to ward off multiple assailants if need be. Grab high-security window locks and door locks to ensure that even if a burglar tries to break in, that they won’t be able to. With a great grip, easy storage capability, and overall great weight to it, this is the stun gun you should be buying for optimal personal safety. With aluminum alloy for the chassis, you can crack and shatter glass with this pen (though it’s not a one-and-done hit,) or use the concealed, sheathed razor-sharp tip for defending yourself in a pinch. If Using Car Keys - If your assailant has a blade or another item, and you’re in a parking garage late at night, you need to think fast. Self-defense tools should be easy to carry and non-lethal. If you have expensive grilling equipment or a nice-looking grill, make sure it’s out of sight in the backyard or garage when not in use. It’s not easy making an effective tactical pen. Here’s what you should do when defending yourself against an attacker. There’s no better way to do that than to prepare ahead of time. Exterior Monitoring System - When a criminal runs the risk of being put on camera and actually being held liable for what they’ve done, they’ll turn tail and run almost immediately. What’s the next best option? School-age children, teenagers, and everyone in between can learn how to use this personal alarm to help them if a potentially hazardous situation arises. FakeTV will create the perfect glow as if your HDTV is actually on, but without massive power consumption. If that isn’t the most innovative stun gun, we don’t know what is. January 18, 2020 15 Comments. Looking scared, screaming, or deflecting into a ball will only empower your attacker. It will make you a susceptible target to anyone looking to commit petty crime, as they assume you are distracted. Stop all of that with the Chamberlain wireless motion alarm. If you have a stun gun, chances are you know how to use one. Don’t Make Your Yard An Invitation - Untrimmed trees can be a gateway for burglars to get into your second story. This is much more than a self-defense weapon—you can use the patented spray inside, which comes with UV dye, to identify your attack should they flee. It blows back in the wind, and can actually get in your eyes if the wind is right. If you can use your IoT devices, such as light bulbs, locks, and sprinkler systems, you can create that “lived-in” look even while you are gone. This mini bat is made out of polypropylene, meaning you won’t be able to dent this even if you try. With that much range, it even gives you time to miss the first few sprays, and still regain your footing. Even if you’re twenty feet away, you can blast out a total of seven sprays before this thing needs more juice. Burglars aren’t going to risk running into an awake, alert individual, who may or may not have a gun or other means to ward them off of the property, land them in jail, or exercise their legal right and capitalize on lethal means. If Using a Stun Gun - Most stun guns, if you just quickly zap at the air, will produce a visible electric shock. Most garage doors don’t have an alarm system enabled. Your email address will not be published. The only mistake you’re making is not already having one of these essential assailant takedown methods. Avoid posting on social media, or mentioning upcoming trips to your coworkers, or basically anybody at all. The rain really starts coming down right as you and your loved ones are leaving the store. No matter your size or gender self defense weapons can even the playing field. Nobody understands that better than fellow self-defense gear gathering folk like us.