We’ve found it works wonders on fine, straight hair that refuses to hold most styles, and it smells amazing, to boot. Or you may get the desired bump in body only to find it doesn’t last very long. And yeah in some ways you might think of it as a combination of hairspray and dry shampoo which gives you, if not exactly the best of, then at least something from both worlds. For years, I've watched the pros use this Redken Wind Blown 05 Dry Finishing Spray on models backstage at fashion week for that effortlessly cool hair that every model seems to be born with (don't worry, it's actually all thanks to texturizing spray, a curling wand, and a seriously skilled stylist). I've found that it's also great for second-day hair because it refreshes waves without having to go back over your hair with more heat. Massage in lightly. Might be worth a try if you haven’t found a dry texturizing spray you love, no? My hair looks like it has tripled in volume, and it lasts all day long.". Then for our purposes we’re not going to put too fine of a point on it but can we agree those with hair described as fine most often fall into one of two camps? Plus there’s what you might lovingly refer to as generally oomph-less, flat and lifeless hair. Then scrunch and fluff your hair with your fingers and that’s it. Do Shampoo Bars Work And Other FAQs Answered. As such “meh” results would just not be acceptable. Another shares, "I have fine hair and was happy to see that this product added texture as well as giving me an extra day between washings.". This one also has a loyal following of fine haired lovelies and is no slouch when it comes to glowing reviews. Copyright © 2020 by Terrific Tresses All rights reserved. There are those with fine thick hair. But before talking about any of those, or if you’re new to all this, maybe you might appreciate some focus on the what’s, why’s and how tos of texturizers. Part dry shampoo due to its ability to soak up oil, a texturizer's greatest accomplishment is its ability to add volume and hold to thin hair that otherwise seems to just hang there. Sometimes it’s too slippery to hold a style. You know, to make your fine tresses appear to be semi normal? If you hair refuses to hold a curl spritz it first to add some grit and hold to slippery strands helping your curls to last longer than they would without doing this. If you liked this maybe you’d like to follow our boards on Pinterest to get a steady stream of all kinds of similar fabulousness you might enjoy. Some would say it’s just what you need to unleash the full potential of those finer strands of yours. SHARES. Pin 684. Curling iron curls will have more staying power. When it comes to drugstore texturizers, this is without a doubt my favorite. 4 years ago. Of course it doesn’t help that. Dry shampoo gets all the glory when it comes to hair products, but for anyone like me with fine hair that gets greasy and flat, texturizing sprays are the real hero. Still basically it’s a “scrunch and go” styling product designed to make annoyingly fine locks nothing short of big and voluptuous. Required fields are marked *. Apply a few spritzs at the roots and on up the elevated strands to the tips. Sally Hershberger’s Plump Up Thickening Mist is perhaps one of the best hair thickening products for fine hair on the market right now. Anyone who’s lived with fine hair longer than five minutes knows the heartbreak. If you go through texturizing spray and dry shampoo in bulk, you're going to want to buy a two-in-one product. Just what the doctor ordered if you’re looking for an airy fluffiness with a noticeable thickness boost – all without locking your hair down so it never moves. Performance aside, the common word here is “affordable”. While it helps add volume for beachy, windswept waves, it also absorbs oil just as well as regular dry shampoo. Adding to the confusion you’ll sometimes hear salt spray, texturizing spray, and dry shampoo kind of all lumped together. And if I can read your mind pretty much there is no such thing as too much of this stuff. Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Dry Shampoo is a true texturizer-dry shampoo hybrid, and it comes in a pack of two to ensure you always have a bottle on hand.