These images are in the public domain (i.e. Failure of the Tribes : Judges 2:1-5 . Angel of the Lord Appears to People : Judges 3:1-5. These cities and locations make up the country of ancient Israel. Another well-known person God inspired to save his people was Samson. (For a larger image, left click on enlarge). It was called the land of Ham and Rahab, Ps, 89:105, Isaiah 51. EGYPT, in biblical times, was chiefly that region now known as Lower Egypt and it was that narrow strip each side of the Nile, except at the Delta. ... Also included are two maps and eight photographs (PDF file size: 496k). Map of Israel, Egypt and Sinai : Judges 1:21-36. God, in response to the disobedience of Israel and Judah, allowed the Philistines to harass and oppress them for forty years (Judges 13:1) . It is located in the Northern and Eastern hemispheres of the Earth. not copyrighted; FREE to copy and use). Israel is a Middle East country, situated in Western Asia. Bible Study Hint - on each map left click to enlarge and print out the timeline map that coordinates with what book of the bible … Biblical Egypt (Hebrew: מִצְרַיִם ‎; miṣ-rā-yim), or Mizraim, is a theological term used by historians and scholars to differentiate between Ancient Egypt as it is portrayed in Judeo-Christian texts and what is known about the region based on archaeological evidence. We must refer the reader to the map. Map of Jerusalem at the time of David in 1000 BC : Cities in the courntries of Israel and Judah in the Old Testament: Map of the Exodus : Joshua's Campaigns : Joshua's Destruction of Hazor . We’ll send you a link to download your copy of Ancient Israel in Egypt and the Exodus and offer you a FREE registration to the Bible History Daily newsletter, bringing the world of the Bible and archaeology directly to your inbox. Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov all spent time in Be’er Sheva (see map Journey of the Forefathers – Key Places). After Israel was freed Gideon served as their Judge for forty years (1145 - 1105 B.C.). The Biblical City Of … Old Testament Maps . Bible Land History and Geography concerning Israel, Turkey, Greece, Italy, and Egypt. Download Ancient Israel in Egypt and the Exodus and start receiving Bible History Daily — both absolutely free! Old Testament Maps for the Study of the Word of God Map of Old Testament Israel - Growing Interactive Old Testament Map.. Map of the Ancient Territory of Israel - This map includes some of the geographical locations within the land of ancient Israel from Kadesh-Barnea in the south to Tyre and Sidon in the North. This map features the biblical boundaries of the Land of Israel as described in Genesis 15:18 and Genesis 17:8.. Dan is described in the Bible as the northernmost city of the Kingdom of Israel; Be’er Sheva is described in the Bible as the southernmost city settled by the Israelites. Israel is bordered by Lebanon in the north, Syria in the northeast, Jordan in the east, Egypt in the southwest; the Palestinian territories … In the Hebrew Scriptures it is called Mizraim which is similar to the Arabic name Misr. Bible Maps. To Download Bible Atlas 2 here.