“And now and then, by the added drama of attacking birds of prey, the flock will unfold a breathtaking and veritable ballet of life or death. ILLUM ADORA Michael Zhang. Black Sun is an ongoing project by Danish photographer Søren Solkær, who began visiting the marshlands of southern Denmark a few years ago to capture the mesmerizing starling murmurations that comprise up to a million birds. “As the countless birds congregate in large murmurations before collectively settling in the reeds at dusk they put on an incredible show of collaboration and performance skills,” Solkær writes. Share. Heute ist Black Friday! 0 Likes. Menschen sind Tiere. ENDEZZMA 0. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Welcome to WordPress. Liebe Linedancer, ab Dienstag, den 02.06.2020, findet das Training wieder an den gewohnten Orten statt: Dienstags und Donnerstags in Sennestadt, Mittwochs in Lipperreihe. DEMONICAL Hello world! 2020 wird das UNDER THE BLACK SUN FESTIVAL vom 2. bis 4.7.2020 wieder auf der Freilichtbühne in Friesack (nahe Berlin) stattfinden. Wir haben die Black-Metal-Newcomer angesichts ihrer durchweg überzeugenden Debüt-EP "Ritus" zum Interview gebeten. Here’s what these murmurations look like in motion: Black Sun is now available as a photo book in Solkær’s online shop. Den ganzen Tag neue Angebote. This is your first post. Die ersten Bands sind ebenfalls angekündigt – bisher bestätigt sind: ANCIENT RITES (Special Old-School-Set) Wir halten euch auf dem Laufenden, bis dahin empfehlen wir die Lektüre unseres letztjährigen Berichts. Training unter Auflagen ! Sony is Selling the a7R for $200 Instead of $1,900, If Your iPhone Has a Green Dot in iOS 14, Your Camera May Be Spying On You, Annie Leibovitz Shoots the Pirelli Calendar Into a New Direction, Kenneth McKenzie’s Lost Photos from World War II, Canon 2021 Lens Roadmap Leaked: 16 New RF Lenses On the Way, Nikon to Release Two New DSLRs, Several F-Mount Lenses in 2021: Report, Dr. Seuss Goes After Photographer Over Grinch-Themed Photo Shoot, Nikon in ‘Dire Straits’ as its Slump is Particularly Untimely: Report, Moments Burned into the Mind and Negative, Why Photographs of Watches and Clocks Show the Time 10:10, These Photos Document an Incredible 28-Hour, 62-Mile Open-Water Swim, Fujifilm Adds Pixel Shift Multi-Shot to GFX100, Enabling 400 MP Capture, 20 Composition Techniques That Will Improve Your Photos, Sony Just Slashed Its Mirrorless Camera Prices by Up to $1,000, Nikon’s Online Classes Are All Free for the Holidays. Früher entspannen. Marzo 2020. Die ersten Bands sind ebenfalls angekündigt – bisher bestätigt sind: ANCIENT RITES (Special Old-School-Set) Black Sun is a Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band from Guayaquil, Ecuador, established on 1999, who have delivered three full-length albums. PSYCHONAUT 4. Posted at 08:13h in Uncategorized by black3unuser20 0 Comments. Es gibt News vom (nah-)Berliner Black-Metal-Festival UNDER THE BLACK SUN. You can also find more of his work on his website, Facebook, and Instagram. MYSTIFIER “At times the flock seems to possess the cohesive power of super fluids, changing shape in an endless flux: From geometric to organic, from solid to fluid, from matter to ethereal, from reality to dream – an exchange in which real time ceases to exist and mythical time pervades,” the photographer says. Im Antlitz des Bösen erschaffen AZARATH mit “Saint Desecration” ein Meisterwerk aus Tempo und Brutalität. The success of the album 'The Puppeteer' with songs like Robert The Doll , which featured in the New Metal Tracks editorial by Spotify, and Let Me Be in local and international radio stations, reaffirms the band's upheaval.