In her about section, the author carefully explains, “Adventure to me is a vehicle for understanding myself and human nature through experiential learning. A lot of people are interested in homesteading but are concerned that the learning curve may be too steep. This is what blogger Amanda did with her blog name, Love. A good blog name will reflect this just as much as one with a more serious mission. Not to mention the fact that Laurence’s content delivers on the promise of her blog’s name. Worddroid generates made-up words. For example, Pinch of Yum is a food blog with hundreds of simple and tasty recipes. The addition of the plus sign, ampersand, or word “and” is a branding strategy all its own. We do this by providing inspiration and actionable blogging advice to millions of readers on how to make, save and manage money.” That’s a pretty great mission statement that related directly back to their blog’s name. Find out what’s working (or not working) for them in terms of how to name a blog in this space. If you’ve already decided on your niche, then the answer to question one should be straightforward. Taking time to weigh-up your options now will pay-off over time. They look nice and feel great. First things first. What kinds of skills and abilities do your readers have? Mom Blog Names Ideas: You’ll Love These Mom Blog Name Suggestions. But if you have any doubts or ideas about possible changes, then you should choose a more open-ended, generic blog name. They chose how to name a blog in a way that thoughtfully expresses something atypical from the common Mommy blog. And it’s worth taking real time to do this activity, because the right blog name can actually be instrumental in how you promote your blog over time (great blog names can encourage people to share your site with their friends more readily). People don’t spend billions of dollars each year on Apple products just because they love the name. An individual creates a blog to earn money while a business creates it to promote their service. Making Sense of Cents is a clever play on words that’s memorable and lets potential visitors know exactly what to expect. Try a thesaurus or dictionary. Nomadic Matt is a great example of a blog name like this, that’s perfect for a travel blog. One thing to keep in mind is a domain name with a keyword is beneficial in terms of both brand strategy and topic signaling. How are their readers responding to their work? Take International Business Machines for example. Please note: our ideas are just suggestions. Their catchy name and immensely valuable content has solidified this blog’s reputation for years to come. This can be a great strategy in particular for lifestyle bloggers, or for a blog that’s centered around a single person offering a service. Hosted by Cloudways. If you put a word into the “generate” tab, you’ll be given a variety of categories to choose from. Naming a blog is challenging. Many successful bloggers have applied this concept to their own efforts when it comes to choosing how to name a blog that’ll stand out from the crowd. Now, we live in a dazzling world of screens that has ushered in revolutions in media, transportation, and science. What makes them tick? Laugh. Don’t make the blogging mistake of thinking your name will do all the work for you. We’ve all been there – endlessly listing blog name ideas that aren’t quite what we’re looking for. PayPal. The name of this blog lets readers know exactly what to expect. Right you are! It’s a difficult question to consider because we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. Try typing ‘’ into the URL bar: Remember: Trying to be clever with words doesn’t always work out best. Remember Little John from Robin Hood? You’re not alone, and you can be a good parent without being a perfect one. Literary Hub is a blog that explores many elements of modern literature. One contributing factor to Apple’s success is its consistent use of branding over the years. For example, if you wanted to start a blog about traveling the world, a keyword domain could be something like or where you’ve got either the exact word “travel” or a closely-related term included directly in your domain name. When you use this name generator, you can combine keyword lists and choose from a variety of extensions. There are many travel blogs to choose from if you’re looking for information on where to go (or what to do) for your next big trip. If your domain name has a word in the title that people are often searching for, it can help make your content stand out. There are plenty of blog name generators available online. I’m a little of both, hence the name of my blog.”. It’s intriguing but it’s also informative about the blog’s content. We’ve made it through the quick tips & techniques section of this guide on how to name a blog. Sometimes the simplest tools will suffice. What kind of blog would mix a hippie lifestyle with heels? Good luck, Antonella! Since then, Google has consistently changed its algorithm to devalue keyword blog names—so that they don’t automatically rank higher. Puns are surprisingly common in the blogging world, and it’s a great way to help readers remember your blog name far into the future. If you’re not yet sure who your audience is or how to attract them, your next mission is to develop that picture of who your readers could be—then learn to understand their needs and desires as time goes on. This name quickly shows two meanings. The word hub means, “a center around which other things revolve or from which they radiate; a focus of activity, authority, commerce, transportation.” This blog name has worked hard to place itself at the center of the modern literary world. This blog covers news topics about literature and shares ideas about contemporary lit.