Your email address will not be published. Most users also agreed that this handy workout product hits more abdominal muscles with stronger resistance than most other abdominal workout devices. One can’t estimate the huge number of exercises that can be performed using this, just by looking at size. The two trending versions of exercise bow currently manufactured by Bullworker are—Classic Bow and Steel bow. Comparison of the Spring Resistance—Steel Bow vs. Classic Bow, Higher resistance levels that boost up your muscle size in lesser time, Customizable resistance levels to specific muscle targeting, Low impact training which is safe and effective than lifting heavyweights, Bolster your biceps easily by pulling apart those cables, Target your triceps with tricep extension, Target your back with myriads of exercises doable with this tool, Multiple options and variations that aid to sculpting the chest. Learn more. Witness the results three times faster than the other methods. 4.6 out of 5 stars 413 ratings | 3 answered questions Price: CDN$ 299.99 & FREE Shipping. However, the thing that remains common in both Bullworker variants is the presence of 5 interchangeable springs and the ease of switching between resistance levels. The design is mainly acclimated to keep the bow best suited for travel and storage purposes. The steel bow offers easier isometric motion where you can achieve a full joint movement rotation while you workout different groups of muscles. You just need to be ready-to-go with this. To present every bit of information in a clear and concise manner, I have written this Bullworker Steel Bow review. With all these benefits come the lower risks of injuries and more stamina. It has three interchangeable springs to ensure custom resistance effects that will fit all your fitness goals and objectives. The construction is bolstered by superior grade chrome steel that adds to durability as well as appearance. It has even helped our 10,000 step walking goal. This is what makes it suitable for storing, can be tucked into drawers easily. In addition to being a fitness companion for all your travel plans, it works to target your upper and lower body parts to achieve your desired results while making you be more resilient in the long run. Affordability of the device is another benefit you should count on, especially when you compare the cost to similar devices like the X3 bar system or the travel gorilla bow. Secondly, Bullworker Classic Bow is a barbell analog. At both ends of the bow, you will find molded handles that aid in a good grip. The small size of the steel bow helps you to target specific muscle groups with more precise exercises like you would do with a dumbbell. It promotes a greater degree of movement with a better grip. This is one of the reasons Bullworker steel bow was designed. A workout manual that guides you to get started easily with the push and pull exercises. Years back, the very first Bullworker was designed with a spring in the core section that was surrounded by two telescoping cylinders. We can say that Steel Bow is a smaller sibling of Classic Bow that, too, has inherited all the superior traits and carrying the same legacy forward. Steel Bow isn’t a single investment, and you get excited and beneficial accessories along with it. But Steel Bow being minor in length is integrated with only two cable handles. It’s guaranteed to last for years. The springs in Bullworker classic bow measure 36” in length, those in steel bow measure 20”. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. If you don’t have the funds for a Bullworker, give free YouTube videos a try. Best 4 Pre-Workout With Beta Alanine Supplements Ranked, 5 Best Tasting Protein Powder With Water Reviews, Best Meal Replacement Shakes For Diabetics Reviews, Best Pre Workout Powders Without Beta Alanine Reviews, A dumbbell of Bullworker that measures 20 x 2 x 4 inches which is shorter than the, 3 interchangeable springs for different resistance levels and range of difficulty: 0 - 35 lbs, 0 - 55 lbs, 0 - 80 lbs, 0 - 100 lbs, Carrying case that's compact enough to fit in your luggage, A downloadable 90-day workout routine manual that can be found. The first and foremost difference we can readily observe is the size. Having in mind the main features and specifications of the Bullworker bow, there is no doubt that the product is one of the most convenient options for those looking for a long and short term sustainable body-building and fitness goal. Likewise, Classic Bow enables performing comparatively more number of exercises. With the Bullworker, you can target different muscle groups of your body. Bullworker bow is designed to accommodate all fitness users, which is a rare feature you can find in other portable home gyms. Bullworker Steel Bow is a portable home gym that you can use it to perform isometric exercises, which help better to build your chest, tone your abs, and strengthen both your upper and lower body muscle. Being smaller, it is an ideal choice in the category of portable and compact fitness equipment. And some of the links in this post are affiliate links. Looking for a promising home fitness device? The distinct levels are: Classic Bow has got a range of 0-160 lbs resistance. 4. All these reviews are based on the research I did, the information I collected, and the experience I personally have. Bullworker Bow Classic is a compact isometric exercise device designed for resistance training. It requires just a few minutes a day of isometric training to achieve better results. What Exercises Can You Perform with Bullworker Steel Bow? Five interchangeable springs – red, black, white, gray, and yellow-colored springs, each one owns a specific range of resistance levels. As known, the Bullworker company produces two different Bullworker bow models: the classic and the steel version. It takes up little space, making it easy to carry around and work out while on the go, whether indoors or outdoors. The sad fact is that it appears to be a "copy cat" of the Bully Xtreme. Do you know that the Bullworker steel bow home gym is the rave of the moment for a full-body workout at home? More about me. I am more than happy to help you make better decisions by discovering more information about the product and giving my point views from various aspects. On the other hand, Bullworker Steel Bow is the dumbbell analog. It comes with 5 interchangeable springs to toggle between different resistance levels. Bullworker Steel Bow is a full-body workout trainer. Bullworker Bow Classic Review – Portable Home Gym. The Bullworker Iso-Bow Review. Build the abs of your choice and open out to numerous core exercises. Cross Training Fitness; Chest, Back, Arms, and Abs Exercise Machine at It comes in ready-to-use form. It is quite easy to declare that the steel bow home gym offers much faster transformation in terms of muscle toning, core strength building, and total body shaping than most of its competitors. But again, if we consider size, Steel Bow emerges as the one that rocks! It contains high-yield sit-at-home workout methods. As for dimensions and weight, the Steel bow is 20 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 4 inches in height. The Steel Bow is designed for users of all fitness levels, and an interchangeable spring design enables you to choose your desired resistance level. The Bullworker is an exercise tool that uses isometric principles to help you get stronger. Bullworker 20" Steel Bow (5 Springs) - Total Body Fitness - Portable Home Gym Isometric Exercise Equipment for Fast Strength Training Gains. Such are: No matter what your fitness goals, this breakthrough product formulated by Bullworker is powerful enough to meet everyone’s expectations with the greatest degree of customizability and comfort. Driving your attention specifically towards Steel bow, it’s a 20 inches long dumbbell created with the sole intention of building up muscular mass.