2020-21 or later catalog: GE Area B2. All Statistics majors take 8 units of approved electives outside the major. Cal Poly Links. 2020-21 or later catalog: GE Area B3. Flowcharts. © 2020 California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, California 93407 Phone: 805-756-1111 Approved Support Electives. If you do not know your catalog rights, you can contact the Evaluations Office at 756-2396 or visit their window in … 2009–2011 Catalog. 2011–2013 Cal Poly Catalog 2011–13 Catalog Course Descriptions (pdf) 2011–2013 Degree Flowcharts & Curriculum Displays. Verify that you have catalog rights to the desired curriculum sheet. Civil Engineering CE Flowchart 17-19 CE Flowchart 19-20 CE Flowchart 20-21 CE Curriculum Sheet 17-19 Undergraduate Flowcharts & Curriculum Sheets - Civil and Environmental Engineering - Cal Poly… An understanding of the fundamental principles of wine grape growing, winemaking, and wine business, both domestically and globally, with in-depth knowledge in a chosen sub-discipline (viticulture, enology, or wine business). Recommended: CHEM 128. Flowcharts are catalog-specific and reflect all degree requirements for a given major. Program Learning Objectives. 2019-20 or earlier catalog: GE Area B2. Department Contact Information Physics Department. 2020-21 Statistics flowchart (PDF) 2019-20 Statistics flowchart (PDF) 2017-19 Statistics flowchart (PDF) If you are on an earlier catalog, work directly with your major advisor to select classes. Search by course name or number to find classes to add to your flowchart This is a tool made by Cal Poly students for Cal Poly students. 2019-20 or earlier catalog: GE Area B4. Prerequisite: BIO 161 and CHEM 111, CHEM 124 or CHEM 127. Back to top. General Education Program. Location: 180-204 Phone: (805) 619-5106 Fax: (805) 756-2435 Email: physics@calpoly.edu Chair: Karl Saunders We're working on inputting every major's default flowcharts; if you'd be interested in helping create flowcharts, hit us up through the feedback section! 2009–11 Cal Poly Catalog 2009–11 Catalog Course Descriptions (pdf) Sample General Curriculum Flowchart for the 2009–11 Catalog (pdf) 2011-2013 CM Flowchart (pdf) 2011-2013 Curriculum Sheet (pdf) 2009-2011 CM Flowchart (pdf) 2007-2009 CM Flowchart (pdf) 2005-2007 CM Flowchart (pdf) 2003-2005 CM Flowchart (pdf) 2001-2003 CM Flowchart (pdf) For assistance with using the Curriculum Flowcharts please contact the CM Department. 2011–2013 Catalog. Suggested 4-Year Academic Flowchart 2020-2021 Catalog FRESHMAN SOPHOMORE JUNIOR SENIOR Fall Winter Spring Fall Winter Spring Fall Winter Spring Fall Winter Spring ME 211 (3) ENVE 309 (3) ENVE 325 (4) ENVE 264 (4) ENVE 434 (4) ENVE 421 (4) CE 434 (4) ENVE 450 (4) ENVE 111 (1) Air Pollution Control ENVE 411 (4)*