I love this time of year when we get to celebrate all the things we are grateful for. As I was in the grocery store today, I was so grateful for all of the amazing people in the world that help me get my green beans and bacon. Bacon Green Beans are a super simple and flavorful side dish to add to any meal. Use good quality canned green beans because no need to cut corners here, I like a name brand with sea salt. You can still eat green beans with brown spots, though they won’t be that perfect green bean experience. Green beans with bacon is a great way to get kids of all ages to eat their vegetables. Easy enough for any day of the week and delicious enough for holiday dinners and celebrations. Fresh green beans stored in the fridge will only last for 5-7 days. Fresh green beans with toasted garlic, crispy bacon and just a bit of brown sugar are a guaranteed hit. RECIPE NOTES AND TIPS. Green beans … You can use frozen green beans or even make them quicker with canned green beans but the results will not be the same. ; Thick cut bacon is best and as it cooks down for several hours, it will naturally shred into pieces. A few brown spots on green beans is totally okay. We slow cook our fresh green beans with a bacon … However, make sure you watch for when green beans turn wet or slimy as that means the green beans have gone bad.