You will get 42 different presser feet that will work on almost every machine on the market, including the most popular ones such as Econosew walking foot, Singer, Brother, and so on. Another option is to have your Brother store check it out the next time you have your sewing machine serviced. Please check your manual or the machine listings on this website to find the correct Walking Foot … The walking foot holds the fabric between the presser foot and the feed dogs to feed the fabric. The walking foot is great for quilting, sewing when matching prints or plaids or fabric drift is an issue.Brother offers several Walking Feet which differ in the size of the feed dog, shank height etc. This enables you to have better fabric control when sewing difficult fabrics (such as quilted fabrics or velvet) or fabrics that slip easily (such as vinyl, leather, or synthetic leather). Even Feed Walking Presser Foot with Quilt Guide for Quilting or Thick Fabric Sewing on Low Shank Sewing Machines for Brother Singer Janome Kenmore Sewing Machines … It is also great for matching plaids or stripes and sewing fabrics with nap or pile, to keep them from shifting. The Even Feed Foot, sometimes called a Walking Foot, evenly feeds multiple layers of fabric without sliding or puckering, and is a must-have when quilting. You sometimes can carefully place a few drops of oil in it is you can find where the squeaking is coming from. If you do not like the set or cannot find what you were looking for (hard to believe), you can contact the seller and get your money back. You will need to stick to a Brother brand of walking foot to work with your machine.