Definitely worth the visit. I liked the food, especially the crispy chinese watercress salad, green curry w/ duck was really good, and I loved the eggplant w/ ground pork. And for some reason, I think the chicken pieces are excellent. I finally got the dessert menu, ordered dessert (mung bean soup w/ coconut cream -- wouldn't recommend it) and it took a while to come as well.At this point, we just wanted to get the check and leave. Flavor is great, really liked the different textures from the egg, meat, and crispy fried noodles. It was funny watching my friends eat it too, because we were all sweating and red-faced. The pork pieces are nice and tender and the sauce, while a tad too sweet, has awesome flavor. The food:Crispy Chinese Watercress Salad- with shrimp, squid and chicken- This is easily my favorite dish here. Eggplant in this dish is different than customary eggplant, texture is a little harder like an unripe tomato, but I thought it was still good, just doesn't absorb flavors the same way. Whenever my father picked up food from here when I was younger, I would always get this dish. I used salad ingredients that I had on hand such as mixed greens, radishes, julienne carrots, madarin oranges and La Choy chinese noodles. At 5:15pm-ish on a Friday we were able to park 3 cars right out front! They have a few fridges out front and a bookshelf of snacks and desserts for sale which is neat. It's three different types of pork with a sweet sauce. It was a Thursday night around 7:45 and we were seated immediately and the service was great throughout the whole experience. I think this recipe would also lend itself well to shrimp. Diagonally cut scallions into 1/4-inch-thick slices. They sell dessert separately which are not on the menu. Not taking stars off for this one. So I do understand and don't give them a lot of shit for adapting their taste to feed the masses, which is not Thai anymore. But what I feel is that if you're going to have slow service, at least be a little more apologetic. The sauce is not too watery, not too thick. This is my go to childhood dish. The drunken noodles are good. I mean, if the damn watercress salad wasn't so damn good and I keep ordering 2 of them before my main course, I ain't going to get to all of them. The eggplants made it somewhat unique.Definitely worth a visit. Would I recommend it to people in New York? You could order 4-5 dishes for 4 people. Combine the two sans the crispiness with the roasted duck with Chinese watercress over rice. They proceeded to tell us to wait, and of course, we waited....It's understandable if you're short on staff, or that you're really busy and you tend to forget things sometimes. I think it's a good dish but the omelet portion is the memorable part, the mussel portion not so much.Bean thread with shrimp and pork belly in casserole. It's a pretty straightforward dish but it's so good. We're all human, its understandable. I recommend going in a group. I was thinking, b****, who you think I is? I really like this dish, the soft shell crab has a nice seafood meatiness and it picks up the curry quite well. Everytime I come here the service is exceptional. Really, really solid Thai place. As a Thai person, do I think Sripraphai is the most authentic Thai restaurant in NY? Larb - Ground Meat - $9.50 - we got the pork, you pretty much MUST order rice with this dish. We ordered the papaya salad (little spicy), Chinese watercress salad (really good), fried soft shell crab ( portion is little), BBQ pork ( sweet flavor), and chicken curry puff (good). The present day location used to be just a small storefront with a few rinky-dink tables, but has expanded to a total of three storefronts with a awesome garden in the back of the restaurant. Closed on Wednesdays? I've had this dish in Thailand and it's no where as good as it is in Sripraphai. We hope they will add more portion for their "large size" which seems to be "small size" for us. The service was not so good... our waitress only showed up to deliver the dishes. We were in food heaven! Maybe I'll come back to try other dishes. If she doesn't recommend it, then we'll choose something else. Crispy Chinese Watercress Salad - $11.50 - FAVORITE DISH! Walk east on Roosevelt (if you get off at Woodside) or west (if you're at 69th) until 39th Avenue.