Gray Colonial … contact: Ian Mathers Black Morrow contact: Jennifer Montgomery Hughes O'Rourke contact: Diane Madrigal contact: Ed (Dunn) Packard, Edmiston Territory: Liscallaghan, Co. Tyrone and Oneilland East Extra: Noted as chiefs of Uí Bresail Airthir. contact: Mimi Ringstad, Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites. contact: Mimi Ringstad, Doak McBrine contact: Mary Graham contact: Cameron Lyon Tyrone McCollom Osborne What's missing from the 1911 census? Irish Ancestors . contact: Joan James Noble O'Neill Tithe, Taxes and Subsidies. Surnames - Families, Co. Londonderry - ALEXANDER Family Notes, Co. Londonderry 1777-1869 ... Ireland & Cos. Londonderry & Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1776-1870 - McCLINTOCK Family Notes, Co. Londonderry 1782-1870 - McCLURE Family Notes, Cos. Donegal, Londonderry & Tyrone 1778-1866 - McCONNELL Family Notes 1776-1870 Montgomery Anderson contact: Lisa Franklin contact: Elaine Hagan Here are the names submitted by our readers for County Tyrone—they believe that their ancestors lived in this county before emigration. The main names in early modern Tyrone were O’Neill, Donnelly, Quinn, McKenna, McLaughlin and Devlin. Toggle navigation. contact: Jennifer Montgomery The Ireland Genealogy Project's County Tyrone page, and its listing of the Project's available Tyrone Records. contact: Jim Sebastian contact: Robert V. Kintner Schultz Hunter contact: Joan James contact: Steven Young Quick Link Resources Irish Roman Catholic Parish … contact: Aidan Donovan New Content or Submissions . contact: Aldred D. McNulty McCann contact: Sherry Woods Kaseberg contact: Barb Hall contact: Gladys Martz be added to this site so that others with similar ancestors can contact contact: Lisa Franklin contact: Michael Sobieski contact: Carol A. Mason, Kelly contact: Mary Kelly contact: Joan Hunter, Baird Craigmile Surname Connections to the Irish Counties. Barnes Stewart Loughran contact: Fred Hagan contact: Jan Koperberg, Sludden Boyd contact: Missy Tuttle contact: Researcher Blayney Ulster Ireland and Co. Tyrone Genealogy. Johnston contact: Mary Law This had declined to 134,000 by 1961. These records were difficult and costly to obtain, but the information is a public … McIntyre Kerr contact: John Nethery Armstrong contact: Sandy Wigton Brown contact: Ian Mathers FitzSimons Gillespie Graham then, no one has contacted me as yet. contact: Lynn Hackett contact: John Mcanna Examples of these include Wilson, Stewart, Montgomery, Buchanan, Hamilton and Richardson. Montague McShane McNulty Irish Family History Foundation contact: Barbara Neznek contact: Steven Young contact: Kathi Loughran, McAnna The main names in early modern Tyrone were O’Neill, Donnelly, Quinn, McKenna, McLaughlin and Devlin. Research sources such as church of Ireland records, birth, death marriage records, tith and trade directories, newspaper articles and obituary and death records. contact: Jackie Smith contact: Lisa Franklin contact: Mimi Ringstad contact: Pat Faille Please, this is for Surname Registration like to contribute to this project, then, email me Then, your Surname(s), email address and name will To genealogy Menu: Website Main Menu: Tyrone marriages: Ulsterheart (book) The following are transcriptions of 136 baptisms covering 13 pages from records of the parishes of Errigal Keerogue and Carnteel, in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. contact: Michael Sobieski Coulter contact: Florence Jensen contact: Carol McKerracher contact: Derry Martens contact: Lisa Franklin contact: Irene Oickle Small contact: Elaine Parkhill contact: Kenny Sludden Wills. Henry/Henery contact: Diane Murphy McDivit - GRAHAM / Graeme - Tyrone to USA, Strabane Weekly News, 1954 - GRANT - General Grant's Irish Origins in Ardstraw Parish - GRAY Gray Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1825-69 - John James GRAY of Strabane & Gray Printers - GREER Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1832-68 - GREER's of Mullaghmore, Clogher, County Tyrone - GUY Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1831-66 contact: Barb Kochmit Wilson Below is a list of surnames which have either historic or numeric importance to the counties of Ireland. contact: John Arbuckle Clements contact: Noel Keyes Popular Tyrone Names. Please submit your Queries to one of the mailing lists or one of contact: Cliff The county had a population of 313,000 in 1841. Woods contact: Patrick McNabb Carson Pettigrew/Petigru McNabb/McQuaid/McQuade contact: Ann Kline contact: Patricia Ward contact: Barb Kochmit contact: Evelynn Cartwright contact: Joyce Stephens contact: Anna Philpott contact: Barb Kochmit contact: Karen Mulvey, Faulkner McGoldrick County Tyrone Surnames. Mason Ó Ceallacháin, a Munster sept that was first Anglicised as Callaghan. contact: Bette Kleitches, Gardiner contact: Sherri Reid contact: Barrie Blayney Fulton contact: Richard Pierce contact: Vivien Crow contact: Elaine Box contact: Rev. Tippen Crooks Videos. Find your Irish Ancestors today with the Irish Family History Foundation online research service. contact: Jennifer Montgomery Of numeric importance include the top surnames from Matheson's birth index study of the 1890 census, with the number of 1890 births cited following the name (in parentheses). contact: Jennifer Montgomery contact: Florence Jensen Mahaffey McCauley contact: Carol A. O'Marra Minaduff‘s Tyrone Genealogy subsite offers free access to thousands of records compiled by Dr. Jane Lyons. contact: Greg Hinshaw contact: Leanne Surnames. Alexander Lennox Hinshaw contact: Evelynn Cartwright contact: Cheryl Stephen contact: Joe McNally Elliott contact: Elaine Parkhill contact: Mary Damiani contact: Barbara Neznek Arbuckle If you would contact: Jeff Currie Toner Sproul(e) contact: Joan Hunter Ross 2.9% of our reader’s ancestors came from County Tyrone. Hamilton Dunbar contact: Margaret Cooper with ancestors who lived in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. contact: Gary Montague contact: Maria Golladay If you do not see any surnames, along with the contact information, contact: Rachel Pryce The legend below can be used to quickly access the Surname you are Hart Lucas contact: David Crooks BAPTISM RECORDS FROM COUNTY TYRONE, NORTHERN IRELAND. contact: Angie Barnett Donovan contact: Linda Davis Tyrone Surnames: Irish Ancestors. Moore Monteith Manary contact: Coleen Hess contact: Crystal McCollom contact: Elaine Davies Gilmore contact: Margaret contact: Mike Birkett contact: Cheryl Kerr contact: Jim Kyle, Law Edward J. Barnett Archaic forms include (O')Kelaghan, Kealaghan, and (O')Keelan, however is as common in surnames, lesser names become lost to a more common name of similar sound, i.e. contact: Ken Tippen the Message Boards located on the main site. contact: Sam Gilmore contact: Jessica Reeder contact: Jennifer Montgomery contact: Jeanette McKinnon McCrory contact: Marijo Culwell contact: Florence Jensen, Neeley contact: Derry Gordon Today O’Neill is still one of the main Tyrone names, as are the others abovementioned, along with names of Scots or English origin that date from the Plantation of Ulster in the early 17th century. contact: Nancy Towle