We don’t need to spend tens of dollars on something that we can get away with cheaper option. Best of all, this is a “scrap buster” project designed to use up some of that scrap fabric that is taking up valuable closet space. Expect a lot of attention when you arrive in class carrying a bag decorated with … Step-by-step tutorial for how to create a DIY painted canvas bag with some fabric paint and a stencil created with Silhouette Studio. A bag for the beach? she squealed. Iron the saying on the bag, let it cool and then you can peel off the paper away. Print a heart shape and trace it on the bag to form the sunglasses and do the same for the lips. Having studied English literature, I try to incorporate my favourite books in my totes (which is more of a resolution, I wish I had finished dozens of Book Totes, in reality I have made two). For these tote bags, you need sewing supplies, 4 buckles, 5/8 inch, handless tote, rotary leather punch and 2 lightweight cowhide leather strips, each 5/8 inch wide, cut to desired length. Let it dry for few hours before you use it. Your email address will not be published. A simple tote bag with good quote is always the real deal. Allison from Cluck Cluck Sew shares a fabulous pillow cover tutorial to dress up those tired throw pillows this fall. It’s really important to know backstitching for this project. Cute, isn’t it? Paint the lips as well and you’re basically done, if you want to make it more prettier you can attach a ribbon. 'Suuuuuure!' With just some fabric for a basic bag design and some velcro, you can elevate a standard candy bag to a quirky and cute sticky spiderweb bag. Tote bags always live up to their name, whether they're taking towels to the beach, fruit from the farmers' market, or gardening supplies to and from the shed. Arrange them on the bag and use a transfer pen to draw the stems. Using our clip art printed onto fabric transfers, you can turn a plain tote into a witty style statement. Canvas tote bag, rubber gloves, fabric dye, bucket or pail – these are the needed materials for these wonderful tote bags. Canvas reuseable washable DIY grocery bags last longer, hold more and are easier to use. Wait for the shapes to cool off and peel the top layer off, just do it carefully to not destroy the image. Just check out the flower pillow she made using the same technique. zergnet.src = (document.location.protocol == "https:" ? Make one for different uses, such as a beach bag, library bag and knitting supply bag. Trace around the letters with painters and fill in. I love tote bags. I have…. 'Ummm....nope, but how about ruffles,' I asked. You can make a tote bag to reflect your own style and tastes. Decorate a small section or cover your entire schoolbag. This bag is not lined, but because I'm using duck cloth (a type of canvas) and finishing the inside seams, it is casual but sturdy, simple but elegant. Besides a plain tote bag, you need pencil, black embroidery floss, embroidery needle and scissors. So I got right to work. You see where It’s really easy to make this on your own. To get the same effect as the one on the picture, rinse one end and place the opposite in the second dye batch. Well, friends, here are 25 stylin’ ideas to jazz up your $1.99 Hobby Lobby tote bag (seriously, their cheapest one is my favorite). Have a sewing machine but haven't dusted it off in years? You will need stencil to slip inside the tote and tape in that place. Jun 11, 2016 - Explore Lynn Hatcher's board "Decorated bags", followed by 181 people on Pinterest. You see where I’m going…. We've rounded up even more sewing tutorials, decorating ideas, and an amazing crocheted tote bag. First decide which phrase you want on your bag, create it on photoshop or word and print it. You can make the pom poms yourself, or you can use store – bought. Need a new bag for summer camp? If you want to protects the threads from the inside, get fusible interfacing and cut it to the size you need. 1. Prepare the potatoes for stamping. When you are done with the design, iron it so that you will be able to wash the bag in future. To make this pom pom tote bag, you need wool yarn in red, peach and orange, pom pom maker, craft glue, canvas tote bag, green embroidery floss, transfer pen and green felt. And sometimes you think, what else is there to do with a tote bag than pencil polka dots? Tote bags are a great DIY as well because they are easy to make, they never fail you, you can use them yourself, give them to your friends (if you have tote-loving friends as well) or sell them if you have your own (Etsy) shop. How to Decorate a School Bag - Travel to school in style with a backpack or tote different from any other bag on campus. If you want a darker color, leave it longer and other way round – if you want a lighter one, keep it for a short time inside. For this fall-inspired pillow, Allison chose fabrics that simulate the colors or fallen leaves. You may have difficulties with making the pineapple shape, but if that doesn’t work out the first time, take another potato! Mar 13, 2016 - Something about spring makes me want to decorate tote bags. The look and feel of your swag bag … Dip the potato stamps in yellow and green and stamp the bag, but first put a piece of cardboard inside to avoid transferring the paint on the other side of the bag.