1000 circuit designs. You can use this FM transmitter in two ways: a. Industrial Educational Hobby. Our customers range from professional recording studios based in the United States, Europe and Asia to small project studios run by small business owners and music recording enthusiasts. DIY Mic Kits. Click Here to learn more. Electronic Kits Projects Modules UK | Velleman Cebek Quasar Electronic Kits Projects Modules UK Superstore. Quasar Velleman Cebek. Audio transmission using electret microphone: You can transmit your voice to FM radio with the electret microphone. Velleman K2400B - Brightdot Clock Kit - BLACK Edition . £97.86 Exc VAT, £117.43 Inc VAT. Home Page Electronic Kits & Modules - New Products & Special Offers. Here's a demo of a contact mic attached to an alarm clock, along… With this DIY kit, you can transmit your voice or audio over an ordinary FM radio within the FM broadcast band. Kits include fully-illustrated plans, and my Microphone kits include video tutorials, enabling them to be assembled in just a few hours with common workbench tools. We provide DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Mic Preamp Kits, 500-Series kits, Power Supply Kits, and API VPR Certified audio modules for the 500 series rack. Make a Contact Microphone: A contact microphone is a type of microphone that picks up vibrations from contact with objects, as opposed the the more common type of microphone that picks up pressure waves in air. Can anybody point me towards some place that could help me? I'm relatively new to the whole sound scene and I wanted to try to build my own mic both for the pure satisfaction of doing it and to learn hands-on about mics and how they work. USB Microphone, ARCHEER PC Microphone Kit for Computer Laptop Professional Condenser Studio Mic Plug and Play with Tripod Stand for Singing,Gaming,Recording,YouTube,Facebook, Broadcast 3.8 out of … Cost effective drop-in solutions. Where I might buy a kit (I don't know enough yet to do it without a kit) or just in any sort of general direction? My DIY Kits come complete with all the parts necessary to build an Austin Ribbon Microphone, my True Blumlein™ Stereo Microphone, or my Austin Mic Pre (AMP).