I used two 2x6's screwed together and cut at 45 degree angles. Once the platform is level you are ready to install the permanent braces that will support the treehouse. The first tree screws were introduced to the market about 25 years ago under the names “Garnier Limb” and “Treehouse Attachment Bolt” – this is how the success story of modern tree house construction began. $50.00. deep footings. TREE HOUSE ATTACHMENT BOLT. This heavy piece of hardware is the most important structural element of treehouse-building. Tree house brackets – If you build a tree house in your garden, you can also teach your children to love nature. We would use Treehouse attachment bolts in two parallel trees and utilize two 6×6 pressure-treated posts with 10×48-in. Super Sliding Beam Bracket $120.00. TABs are made of hardened steel and act as artificial tree limbs on which the main structural support members of the treehouse rest or hang. The magic lies in the Treehouse Attachment Bolt, or “TAB”. Quick view Compare Add to Cart. Of course you will build your wooden house in a tree, with a floor that also serves as a support frame. The injury to the tree is punctiform and resembles that of a branch breakout, i.e. Refine by ... 1\2 hour Treehouse consultation with a Tree house Consultant. Brackets. All of our Brackets and KneeBraces are designed to fit a 1 1/4" diameter GL. The most important thing to remember when starting to build your tree house is to reduce the risk of the tree’s growth or sway factor. The basic idea of the screw is to imitate a natural branch.. The tree house has an open deck, which you can reach via … Brackets. Quick view Compare Add to Cart. You can pick up some "hold down" brackets to mount to the tree with another 3/4" lag.