Click on the links below to read the published noninvasive prenatal testing work of our partner laboratory: The Journal of the American Medical Association. In addition to NIPP testing, Atlanta DNA Center offers a comprehensive array of DNA and substances of abuse testing services. For even greater convenience, we sell in-home testing kits, with simple instructions and painless collection of the samples. This before-birth method of DNA testing is extremely safe for both mother and fetus. Walk-Ins Accepted? Restrictions for Paternity Testing While Pregnant: ... DNA test frees man serving life sentence for Houston murder, leads to new arrest. Establishing this biological origin is widely recognized by psychologists as highly important for a child’s sense of identity. Dekalb County DFCS – Satellite office is a local Division of Familiy and Children’s Service Office where you can apply for numerous assistance programs including: Government and official offices love working with us because: Our testing services are performed by an accredited lab and include chain of custody, Our government pricing is extremely competitive and helps keep official offices under budget, Our quality of service is unmatched, as we constantly strive to outperform our competitors on speed, accuracy and thoroughness of our testing services. For testing purposes, we partner only with the top laboratories in the world. For your convenience, you have the option of only paying half of the testing fee up front. With over 2000 Locations Nationwide, individuals from different cities or states can just schedule an appointment with their nearest DNA Testing Lab and conduct the test. The father has no way of knowing for sure if this is true without a paternity test. Pricing for our services vary depending on how quickly you need the results and whether or not you want additional services such as gender determination, rush processing or multiple alleged fathers tested. A court-admissible paternity test can also definitively solve relational strife between the parents and doubts about the true parent of the child. For example, when a couple separates on bad terms, the father may try and claim the child is not his and thus he doesn’t need to pay child support. - Unlike our competitors, we will never ask you for a dime over the phone. For a Paternity Test, is it necessary to test the mother? Financial Help for Single Mothers in Georgia – Single Mother Guide. COVID-19:  We value your business. There are 29 DNA testing and Paternity Testing clinics in Georgia. We test 40+ DNA markers, which is over 175% more than other DNA labs. Yes. For a paternity DNA test three samples must be collected: mother, father and child; A paternity test while pregnant is … 30 Warren Street, NE Program that helps supplement the diets of low income persons in Georgia, including the elderly, by providing them with emergency food and nutrition assistance at no cost. “Non-invasive” means there is no need to intrude in the baby’s safe environment to test for paternity. While Home Test Kit results are just as accurate as Laboratory tests, there is no way to verify whose DNA was collected, or prove that the DNA was not contaminated or tampered with. Your child will become eligible for financial support from both parents. Atlanta DNA Center operates 2 office locations in Atlanta (Buckhead and Lawrenceville). © 2020 by Atlanta DNA & Drug Testing Center, an affiliate of Axis DNA Labs, Inc. Certified Collectors and Licensed Phlebotomists, Fast, Certified Results with Indisputable Accuracy, About Our Noninvasive Prenatal Paternity Test (NIPP), For more information about prenatal paternity testing, call us at. For more information, call us at 877-647-3019 or click the button below to set up an appointment. The results are just as accurate as the laboratory tests, but they are not court-admissible. Our NIPP test is discreet, as we follow HIPPA-based guidelines in our privacy policy. Paternity testing is likely one of the top uses for DNA testing. Medicaid is a program that provides health care services to individuals that meet the requirements for income, resources and citizenship. We have over 2,000 centers in 49 states, including 4 centers in the Atlanta, GA Area, making us one of the nation’s largest network of testing labs. We maintain standards set by regulators like AABB (formerly the American Association of Blood Banks), CAP (College of Pathology) and CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) as well as those set by various state and government agencies. Is it possible to determine if a deceased person is the father of a child? According to the American Pregnancy Association, the top 5 reasons a prenatal paternity test while pregnant might be the right choice are: Not knowing who the father of your child is can be stressful, and waiting until after the baby’s born to get a DNA test means months of worry. Need to split the payment up among multiple parties or payment methods? One of our licensed phlebotomists will draw a small sample of blood from the mother's arm and perform a mouth swab on the alleged father. There is no additional fee to use separate locations. 2. Our partner laboratories are accredited by AABB (formerly American Association of Blood Banks), CAP (College of Pathology) and/or CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments), among others. The primary components of funded DHS out-of-school time programs include youth development programming, academic enrichment activities, health education, physical activity and additional enrichment services and activities. Call us to schedule an appointment, or send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. DNA samples from the potential father(s) can be obtained from a variety of discreet sources including but not limited to: DNA Testing Centers provides accredited, court-admissible DNA Testing in Atlanta. A DNA Test During Pregnancy is all about determining the probability of a biological relationship between a parent and their child. A prenatal DNA test can’t be wrong. When it comes to ancestry testing, we don't just plug your DNA profile into a computer and spit out a pie chart. However in rare cases, the father may have a mutation in his DNA, causing a mismatch in part of the DNA match and dropping the likelihood of biological parentage below 99.99%.