If you enjoyed this video, please like and share it. I agree that the $65 MSRP is a huge turn-off, but I joined the Massdrop for $50, so it's already much more appealing at that price point. 1 History 2 Known locations 2.1 Stormwreck Sea 2.2 Ixalan … Card TCG Player Avg Price Trend Avg Draft Avg Cube Adaptive Automaton: $2.88-3%: 2.12: 5.16: Aether Gale: … Explorers of Ixalan [EO2] Create Sealed Deck. Spoilers are allowed, use flair. I'd be curious to hear his opinions on playing it with a dedicated … Contact Wizards Customer Support Directly. Vona's Hunger introduces us to the Ascend keyword. Explorers of Ixalan Details Revealed, First Spoilers (E02) After months of waiting, Wizards of the Coast has finally spilled the beans on what to expect from Explorers... News , Spoilers We take a look at the latest spoiler card from Rivals of Ixalan. Explorers of Ixalan releases November 24th, 2017 with a suggested retail price of $64.99. A card with a low draft priority means its … Prices are in USD$ based on TCG mid for the paper card.. Explorers of Ixalan Reprints. Explorers of Ixalan Spoiler Advanced Filters. Highlight category to see contents: Subject Content; ... Explorers of Ixalan Reprints (self.magicTCG) submitted 1 year ago by … Draft is how quickly a card is picked in comparison to the cards in the rest of the set. Though the full decklists have yet to be revealed, Wizards of the Coast has confirmed that Explorers of Ixalan … Lower is better. Explorers of Ixalan [EO2] × Magic the Gathering, FNM is TM and copyright Wizards of the Coast, Inc, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. Ixalan is a Mesoamerican-inspired2 plane full of uncharted jungles where dangerous beasts, magnificent ruins, and lost treasures lie waiting to be discovered.