Hope these tips would help you to make good rasagullas everyday as I do. nenu meeru chupinchina vidam gane rasgulla chesukunamu baaga vachay.thnk u. mee vantillu naku baga nachhindi.mee reciepees kuda chala use avutayi nalanti vallaku. So just stir the oil without touching the PULI’s. Prepare 7 similar balls. Enjoy Cooking, Enjoy Serving & Enjoy Eating . Andhra Sweets. Make 14 balls from this mixture. Now transfer this bowl from the stove into the pressure cooker and close the lid. please help (if u can ASAP) thanks a lot, also i loved ur tips and all recipe but only if u speak in english or hindi in videos it would be great!!! Hashtags. Note that with each reuse the whiteness of the Rasagullas reduce and the red tinge increases. All recipes have English Text. Pour this Chenna along with water into this slotted plate. Here I got 270gms of Paneer and I have divided it into 2 parts weighing 120gms and 150gms. The success of the recipe lies in frying the Jamuns at right temperature. Pour this Chenna along with water into this slotted plate. Ensure that the vessel is wide and not overcrowded with rasagullas with less syrup. Family that Eats Together, Stays Together . Enjoy Life to it's Full!!!! Gayatri Vantillu - Top Chef 2014. Do not crowd the oil pan by adding more balls to the oil while frying. If there are any impurities in the juice they remain in the nylon mesh and we get fresh sugarcane juice. Keep the sugar syrup warm till you finish frying all the Jamuns. Fridge stored rasagullas may be taken for 2-3 days. Take the Chenna on to a clean platform and start rubbing it with your palm. Any information would be very helpful since this is the 2nd time I made them and failed miserably L. This time around, I would like to follow your procedure and hopefully be successful.. After 5 minutes add the fried Jamuns to the warm syrup. Adding salt to the dough balances the sweet of the stuffing. Put the rasagulla bowl into the cooker, close the lid along with the weight. Take a microwave safe bowl and add pistachios and some water into it. Fry the Jamuns and soak them in warm syrup. There is another method to remove water. Stir the sugar mixture till all the sugar is melted. I use packet milk supplied by the dairy. and also plz tell me what mistake during the preparation makes them taste sour and wat are the precautions to be taken to avoid it? Take 2 liters of milk and curdle to make Chenna (If required please see the video on "How to make Paneer"). Now allow this syrup to boil. I watched your video on how to make Rasgullas. Place this bowl in microwave oven and cook on high power for a minute or till water starts boiling. “ first whistle vocche mundara, sim lo petti 15 minutes vudikinchikuntey..”. ive learnt how 2 cook rasagullas frm your site.my doubt is for how many days can we eat those rasagullas whch are prepared in that method? When the sugar syrup is boiling, add the cardamom powder and mix well. At best nudge them to rise after a while. They turned out well to look at but they didn't absorb sufficient sugar syrup and they are not porus as shown in your video. Keep them in refrigerator (not deep freezer) till use. Stir oil with the slotted spoon without touching the Jamuns when they are just put in the oil. But please allow me to “nag” you a little more and pardon the verbosity! Such Jamuns will not absorb sugar syrup. It should help you to get good rasgullas. If jaggery is not good then add some water and then melt it and then strain the solution to remove dirt and then use it. You need to switch off the stove and wait for a while.If you have a thermometer the oil should be 105 degrees centigrade. If you are not successful in the first attempt don't worry. Do not worry about the stickiness. Take powdered sugar in a plate. Place a nylon mesh into a jug and pour the sugarcane juice into it. Nothing goes waste in this dish. Saw your recipe for the first time, although it was in your language(Kannad ? Take a slotted plate (Chillula pallem in Telugu) and spread a muslin cloth in it. Andhra Sweets. Face Book, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & LinkedIn. Paneer should be at room temperature. Cardamoms – 3. Information about your use of this site is shared with Google. Hence take care not to fry Jamuns in hot oil. If the dough rises fast from the bottom of the pan, it indicates the oil is overheated. Follow me on . Follow. My Bengali friend says that if a girl can make good Rasagullas she makes a Good HOME!!! Can you please clarify if we have to count the cooking time of 15 minutes AFTER GETTING THE FIRST WHISTLE or 15 minutes FROM THE TIME WE PUT THE WEIGHT OF THE COOKER …..as my rasagullas came out hard!! The taste wouldn't be affected. Winter Foods. Use the syrup for the next round of trial. See more ideas about Andhra recipes, Indian food recipes, Chutney. After few minutes the Jamuns will rise to the top detaching from the bottom of the pan. Use the A-Z List to locate a Recipe of your choice . Thanks for your prompt response within half an hour of my post re Rasagollas! Such Pins act as your Ready-Reckoner and also tell your Friends what food you like! The best method is to keep the syrup bowl in rice cooker in “KEEP WARM” mode. Smoothen the laddoo in the palm and place it in a plate. Remove the skins of cardamoms and powder the seeds. Then rub the pressed dough in circular motion to get a smooth round shaped ball. Prepare sugar syrup by placing this bowl on flame. In fact rasagullas which are slightly cold taste much much better than the warm and fresh ones. Back link to Main page of Categorized Recipes. BUT I HAVE SOME DOUBT IN MAKING RASAGULLA THAT IS WE CAN USE ANY OTHER MILK RELATED PRODUCT TO BRING RASAGULLA. Thus these Jamuns are known as Kala Jamuns. You may like to see the discussions above. Take care of the temperature of the oil. will try soon. It would be alright in 20 minutes standing time. This is to congratulate you on your Rasagulla and paneer recipes. When these Jamuns are fried, the powdered sugar on the surface of the Jamuns gets caramelized and thus they get that dark brown (near to black color) color. 1) In the first session, the initial cold water in the cooker would take considerably longer to reach boiling point and emanate steam…..say 6 minutes, before you ACTUALLY put the weight…so 6+15 minutes suggested by you=21 cooking minutes. Now again switch on the stove and make seven more balls. After 20 minutes the sticky dough becomes manageable to make round balls. Hashtags. When the cooker is about to whistle, simmer the heat and cook for 15 minutes before switching off the stove. Serve these Kala Jamuns with grated coconut. Soak all the Jamuns in the syrup and keep this bowl in rice cooker in “KEEP WARM” mode for at-least 2 hours. So would you PLEASE study the matter and give your valuable and experienced advice in the interests of your members? Repeat making laddoos with the remaining mixture and place them separately in the plate. By using this site, you agree to its use of cookies. Foods That Heal. I trust the above information would help you to make good rasagullas. Keep stirring the oil throughout. Your emails to gayatri@gayatrivantillu.com, Face Book , Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & LinkedIn, #IndianFood #AndhraFood #TeluguFood #AndhraRecipes #AndhraVantalu #AndhraCooking #TeluguRecipes #TeluguCooking #TeluguVantalu #IndianRecipes #IndianCooking #VegetarianFood #VegetarianRecipes #VegetarianCooking #VegetarianCuisine #HealthyLiving #HomeMadeFood #GayatriVantillu #GayatriRecipes #GayatriKitchen, Indian Recipes - Telugu Food - Andhra Cuisine, © Site owned, conceived, created & hosted by Somayajulas'. IT REDUCE US THE COST PRICE . Divide this Chenna into 2 parts. Cooking Simplified is Fun!! cn v increase tht duration by freezing them? After 4 to 5 hours of preparation Rasagullas should be kept in fridge. Recipes for Singles. Click here to see all recipes in Pictures. Gayatri Vantillu - Top Chef 2014 | Pin the recipes you like to your Pin-Board. Ingredients:Whole Black Gram (De Husked) – 125gmsRice – 1TbspGrated Jaggery – 50gms Or Sugar Powder – 50gmsGhee – 50gms. Enjoy! The manner in which you have described and shown is very interesting. Roasted and crushed poppy seeds provide a subtle taste to modaks. Use the Site Search. Allow it to build steam fully but do not allow it to whistle, simmer the stove at this level, and cook for fifteen minutes, increase the stove and let it build the steam fully but not to allow it to whistle - at this level switch off the stove and allow it to cool completely. When the cooker cools down completely, remove the pan from it. Loved your kalajamun description my first chosen recipe from ur site. Put the mix inside the freezer compartment for a half an hour and try out. Take an ice container and pour the strained sugarcane juice into it. WE HAVE TRIED YOUR RECIPES IT IS VERY USEFUL AND TASTEFUL TO EAT. naku set dosa receipee kavali.meeru add cheyagalara ee site lo. Cakes. Remember to cook the stuffing mixture till it is dry. Add condensed milk, maida, baking powder and ghee to the grated paneer and run the mixie to get a sticky smooth paste.