Keira had spent the entirety of the time I knew her lying to and manipulating me in order to steal and sell information that could endanger thousands. And yet I'll bet you'd still choose to pick either Yen or Triss while both have done the same and far worse to Geralt. Keira … Either Keira does it, or the disease rampages on unchecked. Regardless, CDPR pushed her pride to an irrational extreme, disconnecting itself from that worship and putting it above any reasoning. What should i … 5 … When Geralt and Keira begin to explore the ruins, they discover that the Wild Hunt is on the same trail. Geralt must seek her assistance during the search for Ciri. Keira will stay there even after you complete the main story line (which is possibly a bug). You can still find her near the clearing where Vesemir's farewell ceremony took place. She is also sentenced to death, as well as the other members of the Lodge of Sorceresses. This does not affect her later decision to be with Lambert, if she goes to Kaer Morhen. Both refused to budge, leading to a fight in which Keira Metz lost her life. Wandering in the Dark is a main quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. While she is standing there screaming, it is Geralt's task to destroy the rats and their nests. She is an advisor to King Foltest of Temeria, along with Triss Merigold and Fercart. Plus Geralt does make a good point that A) Radovid will probably kill her anyway and B) The information in the notes, it's strongly hinted, could lead to creation of a weaponized disease. Keira is no different. 5 Accept Payment From Emhyr ... Keira will collapse in Geralt’s arms. Graham dies, but the two are reunited in death and the curse is broken. Use Igni when you can, along with heavy strikes. In the quest "Wandering in the Dark" she ends up in a rat nest, due to a disturbance with her portal. Geralt can fight and kill Keira in an attempt to stop her from handing Alexander 's research notes to Radovid as a bargaining chip to save her life and return her to luxury. This page was last edited on 30 April 2020, at 09:51. Also, when asked what will she do with the notes Geralt mentions to Keira that Radovid doesn't care about the plague and if he was to make anything of the notes he would make her turn it into a weapon, Keira laughs at it but doesn't deny that it's possible. Depending on Geralt's choices, Keira either dies at his hands or on the pyre, if she goes to King Radovid with the notes of mage Alexander from Fyke Island. Once Geralt and Graham return, Annabelle's former love apologizes and kisses her. She also sells every runestone and glyph as well as most potions, including the potion of clearance, oil and bomb formulae and a wide selection of alchemical ingredients. I had her go to Kaer Morhen but I also took the research from her. She makes aphrodisiacs and is considered to be a nymphomaniac, at least by Sabrina Glevissig. What should i do? The moment I found out for certain that she was using me as a pawn in her game was the moment her death sentence was signed, approved and executed by Geralt of Rivia. On his travels, Geralt learns that Ciri quarrelled with a witch, while she wandered through Velen, after some asking around, this leads him to the small village of Midcopse and their "village" witch, who turns out to be Keira Metz. Alternatively, Geralt can persuade her to go to Kaer Morhen, where she later will join in the battle against the Wild Hunt. I can only imagine that a biological weapon in that kind of setting would be like having a nuke. Keira Metz is a petite, blonde sorceress from Carreras, who likes to wear an ankh pendant. Geralt then must decide what to do with Keira, convince her to drop her self-absorbed pursuits and head to Kaer Morhen or kill her -- and other decisions in-between. If Geralt is forced to kill Keira: Keira was determined to get her way, but Geralt could not allow her to carry out her plans. Geralt, seeing the danger in giving such information to madman, can choose to either talk Keira out of it - or he can kill her to prevent the knowledge from falling into Radovid's hands. She proves useful there. will it effect the future? In the books, Keira was always described to be a very proud person and precisely because of it she grew a kind of worship for Geralt, for she was too admired by the fact that most sorceresses had a weakness for him. Witcher Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. In Time of Contempt, Keira refuses Geralt's offered wine at the banquet on Thanedd, because she wants to become "pregnant" this very night. Sending her up to the witcher fortress is for the best however, as you spare the sorceress and set her up with your pal Lambert. Basically did rhe opposite of what i did first time (took me to kaer morhen). Later, Keira became one of the youngest members of the newly formed Lodge of Sorceresses.