Membership is renewable annually, and Duke's fiscal year is from July 1 through June 30. In addition, particular schools and units distinguish donors at various giving levels within the respective school or unit. Phone (574) 631-7164 For personal assistance with Duke matters or information about gift clubs, please contact: Carolyn Miller, Assistant Director of Stewardship. Membership in the Cornerstone Society is renewable annually. Our fiscal year is from July 1 through June 30. Help ensure that the Duke education, research and Members of the Sorin Society join in the vision of Notre Dame's founder, Father Sorin, by empowering students with the resources they need to become forces for good in the world. Giving Societies Young alumni make up 27 percent of Rice University’s overall alumni base. Leadership Giving Societies. Notre Dame's Giving Societies uniquely recognize members of the Notre Dame family who generously advance the University's mission through annual gifts. Giving societies reflect what makes OSU and its supporters truly special. For questions, please contact Carolyn Miller at or 919-684-0773. Matt Cloues, Director of Alumni & Leadership Giving. We’re more than a campus in Durham; we are each of you. The President's Circle is an exclusive group of leaders within the Notre Dame family who play an instrumental role in affording the University the flexibility to address its most critical needs. Randy Garcia, Senior Assistant Director of Leadership Giving. Notre Dame's seven giving societies distinctly focus on priorities that make the Notre Dame experience not only great but exceptional. The Athletics Director’s Circle is one of two premier Rockne Athletics Fund membership levels where members help shape a distinct experience for Notre Dame student-athletes. Follow the links below to each school or unit's website for further information about these giving societies and the benefits of membership. Giving societies. Each of these designations represents a collection of donors who generously give to benefit others, and the effect is evident across the entire university system. These critical funds enabled the University to not only meet pressing needs in the classroom and across campus, but additionally to innovate and create new academic opportunities that are essential for Duke to continue to excel! Corporate matching gifts count toward membership if received or verified within the same fiscal year the gift was made. Cornerstone Society members are also acknowledged in respective donor honor rolls, and are invited to various events throughout the year. If you have questions or would like additional information about joining any of our gift clubs, please contact Carolyn Miller, Assistant Director of Stewardship in the Annual Fund, at or 919-684-0773. Members of the Badin Guild help ensure that Notre Dame will continue to be a force for good in the world for generations to come through planned gifts. Member (within five years of graduation; first degree only). Only through your support can we continue to save lives, discover treatments and cures, reinvent education, and anchor communities around the world. Undergraduates who have supported the Annual Fund every year since graduation (or since our computerized records began) are further recognized as lifetime donors. The society provides a means to bring together those who have expressed a common interest in the mission and future of the university. The Annual Giving Societies recognize committed alumni, families and friends of The University of Tampa who contribute financially on an annual basis to any area of the University. The Annual Fund is essential to propelling Duke forward, and its most loyal donors are a pivotal part of that. By joining a giving society, you'll qualify for the Notre Dame Football Ticket Lottery and become eligible to purchase tickets to watch the Irish play in Notre Dame Stadium before they go on sale to the general public. At The University of Pennsylvania, there are many giving societies that donors can choose to be a part of. Read more to find out what makes each society unique. Give now to double your recognition credit! Giving Societies Centennial Circle The Centennial Circle recognizes individuals, corporations, foundations, and organizations whose cumulative giving to the University of Memphis totals $25,000 or more, including annual gifts, gifts to endowments, capital projects, and planned gifts. This past year, we are proud to say that there were more than 30,000 members of the Cornerstone Society. Membership is based on unrestricted gifts made or facilitated by an individual and their spouse. Last year, gifts from leadership gift society members represented more than 85% of the Annual Fund’s cash total. Duke has a number of leadership giving societies so that our most generous donors are recognized for their philanthropy and generosity. 1100 Grace Hall Recent Graduate Member (5-9 years since graduation), $500 - $999 for Trinity, Pratt undergraduates 5-9 years out, $250 - $999 for Trinity, Pratt undergraduates 1-4 years out, $100+ for current Trinity, Pratt undergraduate students, President’s Society members who give under $100,000 will receive a five percent discount to the Duke Executive Health Program, and those who give above $100,000 will receive a 10 percent discount. 1899 Society A Simmons Tradition. To honor and acknowledge the generosity and support of our donors' gifts, the university provides special recognition through a variety of cumulative, annual and gift-planning societies.