or. Titanium is a very light weight and hard material the sound is similar to brass but adds a little sparkle to the highs. – comes with the new G&G case. Best wishes, Love 'n 'Rock 'n 'Roll'.”, "I received my Glendale order upon my return from the ZZ Top tour and proceeded to install the Double Cut and Wide Intone saddles on one of my fave Telecasters. It has beautiful, weird harmonic overtones and it really speaks. The body is a Glendale 1-piece pine, bridge plate is a Glendale double notched magnetic, saddles are Glendale original brass intones, the neck is a Bruce Johnson broadcaster replica, pickups are GVCG/Lollar AlNiCo 3s, and the rest of the parts are from Callaham. The neck profile is just right, the weight is unbelievable, and the sound is soooo balzy & punchy. See more of Glendale Guitars on Facebook. Now it's easier to find great businesses with recommendations. It is everything I have always wanted in an instrument and more. It was a thrill to make this project happen! If I only had Roy's soul...”, “Just wanted to say thanks for the quick shipment & great saddles. Dale was so patient (I'm VERY indecisive) and helpful in picking out EVERYTHING to my fit my needs. The highest quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship make it. And this model is one of a kind, which is why we can tell you it can provide anything you might expect from such instruments. A Bluesy Monster. I was shooting for a darker, woodier sound and I got that and more. I've learned already that wood quality, construction and a lightweight body are critical factors for a livelier, groovacious solid-body tone and great sustain. - Duration: 7:32. Rock solid and intonation right on the money. By MusicRadar . 35 Best Classical Guitar Reviews. Contact us if you’d like to order a custom part that makes your Telecaster truly unique. Love the unfinished wood too!”, “I'm using the new Glendale tele on stage and in the studio. The MAJOR leagues. It's a mind blowing experience. The tone was now more musical all around & very nuanced. It is one of the lightest basses I have played. They intonate dead on perfect and the angled height adjustment screws stay completely off my bridge anchor screws which lets me adjust them as far back as I need to. From the very first minute, the guys of my band noticed how remarkably well-tuned this guitar sounded. In Arlington, TX, we design and manufacture custom guitars and hardware. The neck is amazing, the best I have ever played on and the tone is super vintage girth. Dale has done an amazing job creating a custom vintage guitar. Thanks, Dale. My style of playing is demanding in many ways because I have always liked so many different types of music. It pretty much opened up my guitar, and the in-between pickup position finally sounded right. I have even requested a custom made bridge from Glendale. I literately felt every note I played sustaining through the guitar into the side of my body. The way the guitar rings, sings...and the harmonic content is simply unbelievable. They were reasons why they sounded so good.. I would have never imagined writing a song like "Oasis" and performing it with a Telecaster until I heard the tracks played back at the studio. And mine plays in perfect tune now. Although many guitarist love to play these heavy duty guitars, a few actually know how to pick the best. This metallic splatter sound would sometimes make it hard to find the neck rhythm sound I needed to find quickly while trying to get in the mix with a live band.. £1619+ €1499+ $1399+ GOOD-ALLs and Sprague VQ’s have a very musical tone and are a huge player in your vintage sound – search E-bay for these and pay whatever it takes to win it! ] Dale is located in Texas and is busily making everything from knurled knobs to complete guitars. Find out why so many of our valued customers come to us for custom guitars and parts by reading our Glendale Guitars reviews. The craftsmanship is as good as it gets. Load up with a Glendale bridge-plate and saddle set and create a rip-roarin’ tone monster. or. Perfect intonation, high grade quality metals and precision craftsmanship are just a few of the reasons I use Glendale for my builds. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but it is now finished and I am more than pleased with the outcome. Sounds great, rings like a bell, great clarity, sustain and tone, Put her through my Gibson BR1 where the Lady really sang!! This beauty weighs in at 4 lbs 8 oz. These saddles are at the top of that list!!!!! 7:32. It was sound/tone and there was no mistaking when you heard a good one out of the bunch because it pretty much would cause your jaw to drop. Don’t settle for anything less than the legendary sound of the world-renowned and famous Intone “Cutting Edge” saddle sets, The “Blackguard” cold rolled steel bridge-plates, and The “King ‘O’ Twang” stainless steel bridge-plates. And I really like the 2 compensated saddle bridge, very comfortable to play on. thanks Dale.”, "I installed a set of Retro Rockets: 3 aluminum and 3 brass. Thanks Dale.”, “I had installed Glendale saddles and bridge plates on 2 other Teles and was so impressed that I went ahead and ordered a Glendale guitar #008. Thank You so much for this Tele contribution!!!! The neck has some of the straightest-grained maple wood I've ever seen, excellent beefy shape, beautifully finished with a very thin nitro lacquer, and feels supremely responsive. Better sustain, more harmonics, man this thing just oozes pure tele tone now! Well, shame on me for waiting this long! Then I came across Glendale's website this spring and noted his philosophy with keen interest, and so it all started. Now...I knew your saddles were superior just from my experience with other aftermarket offerings. My Paulownia body Glendale has become my favorite guitar. Not Now. Your saddles are so perfectly angled that intonating with my strobe was a breeze and the guitar is more in tune than its ever been....ever!!! See more of Glendale Guitars on Facebook. Even if Leo himself was un! Log In. £799+ €666+ $599+ A pair of Danos with 50s rock 'n' roll magic in spades Guitars. Create New Account. I can't believe my ears!!! Thank You Dale for re-inventing the radial!! With grateful thanks again, and keep up the good work, Dale! Thanks for everything Dale.”, - Alex Weeden, Guitarist for Miranda Lambert, "It don't mean a thang if it ain't got that twang, and the Glendale bridge-plate and saddles make my Tele sang" Nice being able to play in tune anywhere on the neck now. - Tim Lerch The gang all with Glendale Saddles, "I am very pleased that the future of twang is in the worthy hands of Dale 'Glendale Guitars' Clark ...his ideas on getting tone are revolutionary" "My new Glendale is PURRRRRFECT! Don’t settle for anything less than the legendary sound of the world-renowned and famous Intone “Cutting Edge” saddle sets, The “Blackguard” cold rolled steel bridge-plates, and The “King ‘O’ Twang” stainless steel bridge-plates. After putting them on my Tele I was shocked with the sound and intonation, making playing fun again! Ultimate guitar is both a great site… Ultimate guitar is both a great site and great app. 4.2 out of 5 stars. Glendale Guitars products are top shelf all the way. It really surprised me, cause I did not think I could get anything more out of my Tele acoustically. What was considered to be a fantastic sounding Tele before your bridge/saddle set, is now in a league all it's own. Glendale Guitars 21,335 views. The Glendale delivers.”, “I can not say enough about my Glendale bass. I wondered if the Rutter saddles were as accurate as the Glendale. I am blown away. Find the best Guitar Stores on Yelp: search reviews of 12 Glendale businesses by price, type, or location. - Pete Anderson, “Every once in awhile someone puts a new twist on something and after you've seen it you wonder two things....Why didn't someone think of this years ago....& now that I've used this , how will I ever get by with out it!!! Mr. Clark knows his Teles; when he offered to send us some bridge-plates and saddles to review, we happily obliged. I was in tune for the first time in my telehog'n life. This guitar has as good a neck as I've ever had in my hands........... 10's feel like 9's The combination of light weight pine body and three way Tele bridge creates some of the best spanking strat tones as you can imagine. Log In. I actually picked my best sounding Tele...one that has always had "it" and has been my "go to" Tele. The bar has been raised so high that I feel lame for not being aware of the difference before. Further on, this guitar has been equipped with a set of Dale's own pick-ups, including a 5 pole-staggered bridge pup, which gives great twang, spank, bite, definition, brilliance, chicken-speak, cluck and roundness, which are so important for that bottom-end tightness that conjures up that typical tele-tone we all want!In short, no reason for changing anything, since the combination of high-quality materials and superb workmanship results in a real killer guitar!