9552239906 I’m planning to run Boer goats business and I need your help for feeding because Libya short of green grass so I have to keep them indoor .and feed them hay ,alfalfa and grain. Thanks! I am a Ugandan working in UAE but want to start this project after 3yrs,so I want to keep learning 4m u until I start. But i want sell it for meat specially so which breed is best . Black Bengal is a Bangladeshi goat breed. Please call at 01975585087. Goat Farming Project | Cost Before starting a new goat farm , it is a good thing to take goat farming training from any training center. Can any one give information about good farms near by area? And you will need more land if you plan for raising large goat breed, such as Boer. Proper irrigation system is a must for producing fresh greens throughout the year. And i think i should take training before starting any project. So Please advise me about the breeds . You can contact with ‘Asian Institute of Goat & Sheep Farming & Research’.Contact details: Village & Post- Ukshi Taluka, District- Ratnagiri, MaharashtraFor loan, contact with any of the Govt. Hi sir i need 50 Black Bangal Goat . Hello there, can i have the contact details of Black Bengal goat breeder in Bangladesh? Pls call my cell # 9496-401834 or pls provide your details if you don’t mind. And suitable breeds for starting depends on your production purpose. what methods, income etc. Please Help me with the proper Guidance, Regards contact me on this no. As you have done your own research and found there is a demand, so you can start the business commercially. Supplementary Feed/Buck (7.5 Kg/Month) For Two Months During Breeding Season, Supplementary Feed/Kid (3.75 Kg for 30 Days), Use it For Your Own Green Food Cultivation, TOTAL  INCOME – TOTAL EXPENDITURE$5200-$6886.625=, TOTAL  INCOME – TOTAL EXPENDITURE$5650-$1625.625=. Your nearest area for buying is Odisha and West Bengal. what is your contact mine is [email protected], whatsapp is 256772445513, I am interested my contact details 9881473136/8689946414, My Name is S.J. Sir,is that breeds are suitable for all the perpose like milk,meat,fibers etc. my email is [email protected]. And price of each breed vary from place to place. You have to buy all the ingredients of supplementary feed separately from the market and mix it by your own. Thanks, What is your production purpose? iam not aware that how much land do i requir and what masure cause/requirements as per goat farming .n see the need to be see while Where are you from? Thank you! I also want to get more information on the type of breed that has highest meat production and if possible provide me with any Nigerian Breeder informations that will make my venture successful. plz i m waiting for your replye. Accommodation is free but need minimum literacy. i am interested for this. so please help me to open a goat farm in my land. [email protected]. You have to contact with your local agriculture extension office. sir,i want to to start goat farming in RANCHI JAHRKAHND . I didnt see goat meats in market here (like coles,woolworths) .But i have done my own small research ,defientley there is a demand . Thank you! But for good profit, you should use your own method. Agro Aims Farm. Right now we can’t recommend any breeder or supplier in your area. All these breeds will be suitable for farming according to the weather and climate of Nepal. sir i need big market place in india where i purchase Jamunapari, Saanen, Nubian, Beetal, Barbari, Alpine in uttarpradesh. its a useful information in all your website , i am trying and find the land near rajasthan india . Please share your experience, opinions and ideas about this goat farming project report of 100 goats. Hello Sir, Here below are some figure of this project report which helps you some more that is goat farming business is profitable or not? Friends, all the figures use in goat farming project reports are assumptions and are base on the avg. Amount of daily required feeds depend on the age of your goats. how do I make separation over there ? Kind regards i need a clear idea about the costing on other feed for 104 goats per year, and where can i get this ready food near my area (or in bangladesh)? firstly I want to know that to whom I consult for the paper work please kindly reply I will be waiting for your reply. You will need about 10 acres of land for raising 1000+ goats (in stall feeding system). How Can I Get Loan & Subsidy For This Project? I have no breeders contact details of your area right now. Hi! Goat Farming Project Report – Total Cost (A + B) = 14, 21,000 (Fourteen lakh twenty one thousand rupees). I have 2 acre of land. Hello sir we just have started the goat farm with jamuna pari goats and now we need some loans. You must have a good stock of food and also fresh water. Can you give me all the necessary details on how to design the Goat house, Slaughter Chamber and a meat shop all in one building. E-mail: [email protected]. Depending on your market needs, & farm management skill, you can earn more from this also. Thank you for your inspiring opinion! you mentioned in your report about the land one Owens but what if someone does not have land, I mean to say how to calculate the rental and the deposit in our project. About 1 acre land will be good for 100 goats, if you have proper irrigation system. thank you. info above given is quite useful. In that case what are the usage of does other than the breeding purpose. I need all information on how to rear goats for solely commercial purposes. 3. REPLAY ME THANKS. I’m from Dhangadhi,Nepal(near the Palia kaln khiri U.P.). We have no idea about your location, so we can’t give you good suggestion regarding the project. On an average you have to keep at least one square meter flooring space per goat for raising them under stall feeding system. We have no Boer goat breeder or seller’s contact details in Ghana. Planning to start a small goat farm. Please how can i send your above required nos of animal from here? looking forward to hear from you thanks. Disclaimer my name milan i am from west bengal, kolkata ..i want to start a goat farming how to start Actually, it’s very though for us to tell the exact cost of the project. They have wide network and will be able to help you in this regard. Tel : 91-471-2700965, 2700947, I am a Hospitality Graduate from Pune University.I want to start a Goat Farm in Nasik.Where I have one acre of land in rural Area.