Answer: Food and water and a nice shelter, more or less. How to Attract Birds to a Birdhouse is easy with our Homemade Bird Houses. You can buy feeders, or simply leave food on the porch of the birdhouse on a regular basis. "First, take a look at your lawn and garden from a bird's eye view. Birds that nest in cavities include bluebirds, chickadees, wrens, woodpeckers and purple martins. If you are looking to keep bigger birds, such as an owl, you will want a birdhouse with a height of at least 24 inches, and a base that’s around 10 by 10 inches. Mark Derse/Country Woman. Birdhouses attract certain species of birds, collectively referred to as cavity nesters. Are… All cavity nesting birds are looking to nest in a cavity of a specific size with a hole size they can just barley get in and out of. Bluebirds are slightly bigger in size, so they require more room. You can add some additional features to attract birds and to make their new living place an excellent accessory to your garden decor. Ask yourself: 1. Birdhouses are sized. This modern birdhouse is a great summer DIY and the perfect way to encourage wildlife in your backyard. For example, you can provide feeding and bathing places. Thanks for any help. Attract the Right Birds. These craft projects are perfect if you have some vintage china to repurpose and want to attract more backyard birds. With its stylish design, it's sure to be a conversation piece and a favorite spot for feathered friends to hang out. Nest-making birds will not be interested at all. 1. Colors hold meaning for many birds. I have just put up a new birdhouse and was wondering is there anything I should do to attract birds to it? Lynn Holtzman, a wildlife management and ornithology instructor at Hocking College, says that birds are one of the few animals, like humans, that can see in color.Birds rely on color signals to choose or attract their mates, and color can … To see all of our Handmade Bird Nesting Boxes Houses click on Bird Houses. Not every type of bird will move into a birdhouse to build their nest and raise their young. Turn a pretty teapot and a teacup and saucer into a DIY bird feeder and birdhouse that your feathered friends will love. (Also, dare we say, it's pretty easy to do.) How to attract Bluebirds A powerful way to help increase the Bluebird population and add their beautiful songs to your yard is … For this reason, avid bird watchers and gardeners began adding Bluebird houses to their yards and gardens to help rebuild the population. Firstly, birdhouses are for species that nest in hollows, such as owls, kingfishers and parrots. You will need a birdhouse that is at least 10 inches in height and has a 5.5 by 5.5 inch base.