Epidote History and Uses: The name Epidote comes from the Greek word ‘ epidosis ’ meaning addition or increase referring to one side of the ideal prism being longer than the other. You might enjoy reading the story below. It's about something other than crystals that I have cleansed and recharged with my Selenite. Got dirty crystals? Epidote in Rocks. It is usual practice to cleanse a crystal before and after use, as with any healing practice we should always keep our tools clean of residual energy that may have come into contact with the crystal. Epidote has strong healing qualities, and these may create excellent health outcomes. Epidote is a rock-forming mineral.Many regionally metamorphosed rocks contain small amounts of epidote. I usually cleanse and recharge the regular crystals on my nightstand, and I put all of my jewelry on the one in the bathroom while I take a shower. It puts forth a simple, calming, grounding, “back to Earth” vibration, which is particularly good for those living in a high energy, city setting. Two rock types that contain significant amounts of epidote are epidosite and unakite.Locations where these rocks can be found are rare, but at those locations significant amounts of these rocks can be present. To program it, hold the crystal in your hand and think deeply about the positive aspects that you would like to come into your life. Learn how cleansing, recharging, and focusing the energy of your stones will leave you in a positive bubble of freshness. It's the perfect time to clean, charge, and program them for your healing intent. Epidote is an excellent stone for attunement with nature and her healing qualities. Epidote reminds you to stop giving the old betrayal any more attention. ... As you enter your meditation, and before programming it, hold it in your hand and ask for white light to cleanse it, and remove any negativity within it. Rather than keeping protective barriers around your heart, Epidote encourages you to start to break them down so you can open yourself up to love and connection with others. It dissolves false self images, makes you aware of reality and highlights the weaknesses and strengths of your true self image. In this case the stone may not need this initial cleansing. Therefore, it's important to 'cleanse' your crystals as soon as you obtain them, and on a regular basis (daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on use) however, you may have been given a crystal as a gift from someone who may have programmed it specially for you with specific energies. Epidote bestows patience. How to cleanse and charge healing crystals. Watch the Crystal Care Video Watch the video and … it ranges in colour from olive green, grey, brown or nearly black, but most usually is a shade of yellowish-green or pistachio-green. It also called Pistacite due to it’s pistachio green colour. It’s time to move forward.