are you using honey n water?how often are the birds using them?i have seen these sunbirds on heliconias, n yes, i have seen some hovering, but mostly, they land n drink. This is where it gets tricky. Decided to put it back on top of a box, and would figure out how to feed it if the parents didn't come back to feed it. The Olive-backed and the Brown-throated(BT). The sugar in nectar provides a very pure source of energy, on which these birds thrive, but most of the water becomes a waste product. We can run any of our tours privately at any time and can also arrange custom itineraries! Besides the earlier DIY nectar feeder, we went one step further. Yes, please do link us to your blog because we all share a common interest in loving those little creature which are nature's gift.All the best and regardsDonald G. H TanMalaysia. Thank you for your help! Hovering flight and small size combine to mean that hummingbirds have much higher metabolic rates than sunbirds, burning energy at the rate of knots. . Can you care to guide me on where i could purchase a hummingbird feeder in our local market ?? Sunbirds are omnivorous, feeding primarily on nectar and insects. We have a sunbird's nest hanging outside our balcony and we saw it had fallen on the ground last night. So sorry.Do you have hummers in Israel?Cheers and Regards. I'm only 24 and have a full time job but I am committed I just need to be told what to do. Older postings at Birds Talking One can still be read. In zoos, sunbirds and hummingbirds need similar care. I left to work an d came home to find ants all through the towel the chic was in and no mother, who usually sits on here babies at night. The world’s most spectacular hummingbird, Marvelous Spatuletail, only occurs in a tiny part of northern Peru, and this photo was taken on one of the many bird watching tours we run there. Planting different flowers such that every month of the year you have something attractive to these jewel-like little birds will mean you’ll always have sunbirds around. These long flights take a phenomenal amount of stored energy. Hummingbirds, or “hummers”, are strictly North, Central and South American and Caribbean. It worked wonderfully in our case. NEOTROPICS (SOUTH/CENTRAL AMERICA & THE CARIBBEAN), NEOTROPICS SOUTH/CENTRAL AMERICA & THE CARIBBEAN. Ha!Ha!Rgds. Basically, it is perfectly okay to use table sugar when preparing their food, and it will not make the birds ill, as some people say it will. For nectar, these birds probe a wide range of plant, rather than specialising on specific species. You can feed him with Honey and Well Soaked Cat food. The 300ml of syrup can be used 3 times per feed. HaHa! We have placed a hanging flower pot filled-up with our Shih Tzu dog's hair (after daily brushings). Article written by ornithologist Chris Lotz of Birding Ecotours. It was previously thought that only hummingbirds were able to digest sucrose, and that “passerine” nectar-feeding birds (which include sunbirds) lacked the enzyme sucrase, which catalyzes the hydrolysis of cane sugar (sucrose) to the simple sugars (glucose and fructose), and were therefore unable to digest sucrose. They only eat insects and spiders to get vitamins and minerals. But it does not seem to work properly. So we made another nectar feeder but this time, we placed the flower sideways and without a standing-bar for the bird to sit and feed. We took both stills and video. it would be useful to whether a feeder w a stand works better than the hover feeder..thankshew, just worry that this nectar feeder will attract other predators and caused problem to the chicks..last time around one of the chick was attacked by a "predator" i dont know how it was happened but saw the chick's throat was bitten.. uhh died after few mins.. after tht im really careful..always keep an eye. It is now known that only a small group of passerines are unable to digest sucrose, and these include the starlings. How is she today? Another fascinating fact is that because sunbirds feed on dilute nectar, they sometimes consume their body mass or more in water per day, to get their daily energy/sugar requirements. recycled mineral water bottle and an old plastic decorative flower Do not feel bad if you can't put up a feeder because I believe she has her 'drinking supply' nearby. Hi this is a great website. Help. Hi Donald, could I make a post of your sunbird feeder in BESG blog using a few of your images? away. Wrapped the baby in a pillowcase and is now sleeping peacefully next to my bed. I am really looking forward for a favorable reply from you. Dear Teck Meng,Thanks for dropping by.Glad now that the Sunbirds are being fed in so many places. regards. I a form 6 student, currently studying at Klang also. Failing which you could email me at xdonaldghtanx@gmail.comx (please remove all the 'x' before sending email to me. They would come right to the window where I sit with my computer and chirps crazily! This is because if there are other predators around.Glad to hear that the parents are feeding it.Should they abandon the chick, you can try to take over by feeding it with insects and worms/catepillars etc.All the best.Cheers and regardsBirds Talking.