To be successful with Cheddar for a cheese sauce, make a roux or a white sauce first. But - starting with a white sauce base - you will be successful. Remember to add the grated cheese LAST and beat it in good to allow it to melt. Try this recipe: Find out today how why cheese sauce gets gritty and how to prevent it! To Rescue A Lumpy Bechamel Sauce Posted by klp66 If your bechamel sauce is turning lumpy while cooking, add ice-cold water instead of the next splash of milk and whisk like a banshee - it'll magically sort out the lumps! How to fix lumpy icing or frosting My simple solution to the lumpy icing or frosting problem is to put the whole lot into the microwave for a short blast sufficient to melt the cream cheese and butter mixture just a little – I started with ten seconds. When the pasta was finished I combined it with the cheese sauce and baked for 30 minutes. While I get that there are 5 food groups, in my world, there are 8. You know - melt butter, add some flour and whisk - not too much flour - you don't want it gloppy. Sure we have dairy, fruit, grain, lean meats and proteins, veggies but for me, I also like to consider pizza, bacon, and cheese as their own separate food groups. Making rich and creamy cheese sauce is a basic cooking skill that pays off in countless ways. I melted 1/2 a stick of butter in a large sauce pan, then added all of the cheese and some milk to thin it out. Read on to learn how easy it is to make cheese sauce from scratch using simple ingredients and easy techniques. Initially it was good and gooey, but as it cooled it started to coagulate and get lumpy. Cheese sauce puts the cheese in mac and cheese, it can convince kids to eat vegetables, and nachos would be naked without it.