The appointed officers of the family organization shall consist of a genealogist and a historian. It shall be the duty of the historian to supervise and direct the compilation and writing of biographical records, family histories, and personal histories pertaining to both the ancestors and descendants of __________. All that is lacking is for us to organize as families. Obviously, the farther back the common ancestor, the larger will be the family group. The by-laws of the __________ Family Organization may be amended, altered, or added to by a majority vote of the members at the annual meeting. That depends. The agenda of the annual meeting shall include any necessary elections of officers and presentation of business matters, supplemented by such other general activities as may be desired by the executive committee. It shall be the duty of the president to preside at all meetings of the family organization, to preside at all meetings of the executive committees and to exercise general supervision over the family organization. Once you've decided to start a family association, you need to let others know that you exist. Families that do genealogical work together may also plan excursions to the temple to perform ordinance work for their ancestors. One individual says "our publicist also mails out flyers to the libraries and genealogical societies in our meeting target area (usually the meeting state and surrounding states) and press releases to the local papers in the area." The annual dues per member of the family organization shall be $3.00. Since regular meetings of officers are necessary for a smooth-running operation, annual or semiannual meetings of the entire family organization should be planned; they help maintain family solidarity. The meetings of the family organization shall consist of an annual meeting and such other meetings or reunions as may be approved by the executive committee. It can well be argued that the greatest security and satisfaction come to those who enjoy the benefits of a well-organized, patriarchally oriented family. To help you get started, we've interviewed several people who run their own family organizations. Section IX. Additional contributions may be requested according to the financial needs of the family organization in administering its programs. Perhaps you've researched your own family tree for a few years, taken a few classes, and maybe have even done some research for friends. The executive committee shall set up committees and make special assignments as necessary in administering the programs of the family organization. How does one start a family organization? Primarily by establishing it on a proper foundation. Failure to hold the annual meeting or any election of officers shall not disorganize the family organization. How many years have you been seriously involved with genealogy research? Section IV. We must live in such a way that we can qualify to enter the temple of God and there be sealed as family units for time and eternity. Larger organizations may publish a newsletter. Although we have "American" in our name we do have membership in England and Australia. Since you are starting the family association, the majority of it may fall on you in the beginning, and that is a good reason to start out with a few smaller projects, such as a newsletter and a reunion. The Prophet Joseph Smith, enlarging on this theme at one of his own family reunions, said, “And again blessed of the Lord is my father. Family Associations and Genealogy. The terms of office shall begin at the close of the business session at which the officers are elected and shall cover a period of two years. More and more relatives will become active in the organization as word gets around. It shall be the duty of the genealogist to supervise and direct the compilation of complete and accurate genealogical records of the ancestors and descendants of __________. Section VII. How to Know if You Are Ready to Start a Family. It requires a lot of unselfish sharing on the part of all or most members to make it work," says Reverend John Gray of Greenfield, Ohio, who is part of the teams who runs the National Blue Family Association. All officers shall be eligible for reelection. Section I. When you first set out to create a family association, there are a few decisions that you need to make up front. But a worthwhile family organization won’t last without planning and work. Generally, a family association is an organization formed by people who share a common ancestor or surname.