4. That is how our favorites were made: jelly, caramel, and marzipan flavored fondants. If you venture a little further away from downtown, you can find a small tailor shop near Kolosy Square in Óbuda where the price of Hungarian clothing is nearly half the price of those in Hampel saloon. She made my entire cruise! Of course, it wasn’t long before I found it. Hi Carol! Although they originally came from France, we quickly formed them to our taste. 500 HUF). 1. The white linen, lose-shouldered folk blouses, and dresses full of laces and embroidery sold in souvenir shops in Budapest are truly beautiful. Our last stop was Budapest and the time truly flew by. Ideas? I haven’t been to either Budapest or Hungary yet–they’re on my bucket list of places to visit. near Blaha Lujza Square in Budapest that sells this authentic Hungarian musical instrument for 4 EUR (approx. Oh yes, we always had spicy sausages and delicacy salamis hanging from wooden poles in our larder. The price is right – What is the cost of living in Budapest? It isn’t as easy as it seems, but that’s the charm of it. Roll-up bags by Husew are also hand-made, thanks to a mother of two. Well, there is a tiny village by Lake Balaton – the Hungarian sea – where lavender of equally great quality grows. If you are looking for something much more practical, yet Hungarian, visit a Matyodesign shop. They are multi-functional survivors that can be used both in the city and the nature. Visit the Herend Porcelain Palace (H-1051, Budapest, József nádor tér 11.) 450–500 HUF). The Great Market Hall is surely a “don’t miss”. If it is gastronomy and souvenirs, then we should definitely begin with our favorite “protective drink” – pálinka. So, I believe for a bookworm, there is no better souvenir than a book written on the original language. 700–1000 HUF) depending on the packaging size, while a bottle of syrup is 3–4 EUR (approximately 1100–1500 HUF). It differs from the traditional Unicum in that Riserva is packaged in an 80-year-old Tokaji Aszú barrel where there is “black honey” residue in the cracks of the barrel sweetening the liqueur. There is nothing like a few slices of spicy sausages with some home-made cheese put on real, fragrant peasant bread eaten with green apples. do they only use cash or can you use credit cards and what currency thank you. Her heart felt reaction of sympathy to our condition was truly the most sincere and kind reaction I have ever received from someone. It is a festive drink to be drunk with people we really love. Both Erős Pista and Piros Arany can be found at the aisle of spices in every supermarket for almost the same price:  1.2–1.5 EUR (approx. Unicum – a drink that is over a hundred years old. It is easy to recognize as there is fruit on the bottom. All Right Reserved.Privacy PolicyContact usAbout, This website uses cookies to improve your experience. A good collection of typical Hungarian souvenirs. In addition to paprika and salami, we can also create unique sweets. As for what looks like pigs feet, not so much. . Looking for the ideal I Eat Hungarian Food Gifts? You had enough of all the Chinese crap? The bullwhip you can buy here is hand-made and decorated with unique csikós motifs, but it costs more as well. These beautiful handmade dolls come dressed in either traditional Hungarian peasant costumes, or in elegant, old fashioned, ball gowns. You can see special packaging of Hungarian colors and different package sizes at street fairs and gastronomic festivals. As a child, I always wanted Szamos marzipan figures for my birthday cake because they were the most delicious of them all. Check the artisan chocolate stalls, because you can find some rarities there. But I would be interested to hear from others who have successfully … There is a wide range of devil locks; they can be made of wood or metal, there are sets, themed in shape (e.g. As for Hungarian craft souvenirs, while there were some exceptions, many of them were too folkloric for my taste— I couldn’t picture incorporating them in my decor back home. Hungarian foie gras is world-famous; it rivals the goose delicacies of the French cuisine and occupies a prominent place in the menus of Hungarian restaurants. For tourists, there are lovely little packs. We’ve also added a bit about where you can buy them in Budapest to help save you some time. Canned gavage-based foie gras is 4 EUR/190 g (approx. Túró Rudi is not only a favorite with Hungarian kids, adults love them as well. This the best information I ever fond of a touristic plaes ,just evriting is passing the review!! Our great scientists soon discovered the fact that in addition to being an excellent spice, paprika strengthens the immune system and is high in vitamin C as well. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. This is how Unicum became a real Hungaricum. I am not saying you should forget classic souvenirs in Budapest, but if you are looking for something original, look for authentic Hungarian ones. As you can see now, there is much more to souvenirs than fridge magnets, key rings, and postcards. A simple bar of pressed soap costs 5.5 EUR (approx. It may sound unbelievable, but it’s proven that the ancestors of the Hungarians migrated to Europe from Asia and conquested the Carpathian Basin. His answer to the question – What kind of chocolate do you like? Take my advice and buy the Nobel Prize-winning novel, Sorstalanság (Fateless) by Imre Kertész in your own language. 88,000 HUF). Conveniently located on the busy shopping street of Váci utca, the Central Market Hall is worth checking out the even if you’re not a shopper– it’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of Budapest. A packet of Dunakavics costs half a euro (approx. Get a hand-embroidered variant for about 26 EUR (9500 HUF). 1500 HUF), while bottled versions flavored with jam are 5.5 EUR/180 g (approx. 4.7 out of 5 stars 344. They cost 4.5–11 EUR (approx. I find it rather disappointing that there are more and more cheap disgusting low-quality plastic bags with Budapest written on them at souvenir shops. There were plenty of bags to choose from at the Great Hall Market. @2020 info-budapest.comUnauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without expressand written permission from this site’s author is strictly prohibited. I saw lots of wooden boxes of all shapes and sizes painted with Hungarian designs– they were all relatively inexpensive.